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Prospernia Templar vs Legacy

By flyingdebris
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This is another prospernia concept for the BF2 MTS mod. Its a fight between a legacy and a templar mech some distance away from the crashed remains of a dropship
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That one may be on top, but the gatling guns on the lower mech don't look like there gonna stop anytime soon
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there is NOTHING better then some good old fashioned insane massive mech battles.
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super dupper.....
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I wonder if that ground pounder thinks he's helping at all
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that templar is going to have a headache in the morning...
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but...where is the templar's right shoulder mounted SRM?
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Man.. This thing is so intense.. When I saw the little infantrists with the rockets I actually said "Good luck with that one!" out loud!
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The one on the ground is the Templar.

I haven´t seen a Legacy before... Looks like a thing between an Osiris and a Madcat.

Yeah, I play Mechwarriors alot.
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Intense, The muzzle flashes and chainguns...Thats amazing.
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I love the poor little SRM infantryman firing at the mech.
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Awesome job! It deserves a lot more comments than its got for sure! Great attention to detail. The little infantrymen firing the missile is a cool addition. As above, the bullets and shells look very good and it gives a sense of explosion in the still image very well. The dropship in the background (maybe a Leopard?) looks very foreboding too. Colors are perfect for the scene.
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I love it. Very BT.esque... have you ever thought on working for the Battletech game? you're extremelly talented... :)
the scene is very dramatic, well done. You can feel the heat... :p
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He does do work. I think his art is on some sourcebooks and possibly a TRO.

Also, this is great but I'm sad the MTS mod never went anywhere. Ah well, MWLL will work.
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Even the intensity of the impact of the bullets can be felt. Its so amazing how you can draw all of this.
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