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Nantite Infused Combat Mutant

An action concept for the project deus mod. This time of a combat mutant for the corporate team. Basically some poor SOB who's a political dissident or particularly nasty prison inmate gets his/her mind wiped, extensive irreversible surgery performed, recieves loads of combat implants and drugs, and is put into some cheap combat armor, given a gun, and used as fearless shock troops.
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Hail drug using combattants 
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Behold the Brave. The Proud. The Cannonfodder.
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Cool combat sceen!
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That's what you call cheap armor? I can only imagine what the fancy stuff looks like.
yeah... awesome artwork... it just so happens to have come from an art instructional book... can't remember which but it's either one of the "Drawing Cutting Edge" series by Christopher Hart or "Gung Ho" by Miller.
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his number is my area code... lol .. anyways, the guy getting hit in the back looks freakin epic
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now, why don't you make all the stuff you do into a awesome story? it'd rock!
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If you throw morals and compassion out the window, the tactic of using shocktroops like this is feasible, as long as the tech going into them is cheap.
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Whoa, that's one awesome pic right there. Not sure what to say really, besides it's amazing.
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That ship looks kinda like the ones off of BF 2142
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Love the headshot and blood coming out the other guy's back.
nicely done the lmg design was a bit out of place no?
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I really like the drop ship in the background. Very nice.
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How tall are these guys? If they are about human's height or a bit taller, that m60-looking mg has barrel way too thin for 13mm caliber. Just look up any .50 or 12.7mm caliber gun via ggoogle pictures, and you'll see how actually big is that.
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freaking sick composition... love the designs of the troopers and the ship. nice movement as well.
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Awesome job. ^^

The Joker
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hmmm starseige influences?
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nice.. i want 300 of the beginning of my global conquest army....
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I would NOT want to combat those. Awesome art dude :)
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he looks like a friendly chap. nice system... get convict... jab them full of nanites and then send them off to get shot to bits... get more convicts. lol.
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