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Mad Max mech



This assignment the theme was Mad Max style post apocalyptic, so i had to somehow figure out what a post apocalypse mech would look like, despite the fact that one would be really unlikely.

So i decided to go along the lines of, "what would some mad engineer/junk scavenger be able to piece together?"

So i've got the front half of a minivan as the torso/cockpit, wrapped up in a rollcage. A diesel engine jury rigged into acting like a hip to power the legs. 3 co2 powered spearguns aimed via a webcam for the right arm. An improvised flamethrower for the right arm. Random pointy things hanging fromt he crotch of the mech to discourage enemies from running about down there. A manned 50 cal machinegun turret rigged to a revolving mount on the right shoulder. Barbed wire wrapped around the legs to discourage climbers. And the entire thing is balanced by a PC mounted up top running a program that automatically adjusts the walking systems to maintain balance.
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Really nice concept.