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all the description you need can be found in the text in the image.
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HP pst3200
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Jul 7, 2006, 6:10:52 PM
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I want that power armor in my house.
Andrew-Lim's avatar
cool concept and descriptions.
smspam454's avatar
i like the in-depth description, and the design itself is gorgeous! i really like mech drawings with that kind of fine-point illustration.
Very nice work on this one. Awesome details.
SolitaireMarauder's avatar
Can i ask for what was this one designed? i found it all over the internet, often without quoting its original creator. As this is an artists site, i assumed that this is the prime source.
AngryBannana's avatar
I may very well sue this as a reference to my exo-suit project, as in i'm actually building something like this in real life.
xxXXGH0STXXxx's avatar
oh cool. now shut the fuck up fagot.
AngryBannana's avatar
What the hell man? Why should I? Because some badass-wannabe moron over the internet wants me to?
xxXXGH0STXXxx's avatar
First of all. u claim that this is a reference to your fake ass project in real life which we all know its not true. And now you wanna sue this guy's artwork that took him restless hours of making this....Now that i've given u the reason. U may shit the fuck up now fagot.
AngryBannana's avatar
Oh my god, you are referring to the typo I had. I noticed that after i posted the comment, but didn't know how to change it. I meat that I would USE it as a reference for my project, which I am working on. I apologize that that typo caused you to think that I would sue the artist for his fantastic work. Hope that cleared your hatred. Peace.
xxXXGH0STXXxx's avatar
Its ok. Everybody makes mistake. Next time dont post foolish comments just because u feel like it. This man's artwork deserves to be respected. You should understand that
AngryBannana's avatar
Well, it was a foolish typo for sure, but I personally think it's a great amount of respect for someone to use the artist's work as a reference to a real life project.
levitan71's avatar
ill take 2 of those
Dannyp96's avatar
Cripes, they just give this tech out to Corporals??!!
Ducie's avatar
AMAZING! wish i could get one of these on E-bay ;D
Daedor's avatar
I like to think that I speak for everyone when I say "I WANT ONE OF THESE!"
Cool exo, keep up the good work :D
3Ninja's avatar
nice. kinda remind me of something from robotech
unspacy's avatar
LOVE IT MAN WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ultimaza's avatar
i love this one
Yuds's avatar
waw.... komodo.... the creature of indonesia....
MakoShakira's avatar
Way powerful suit. I am sure it takes intensive training to maneuver thru hordes of foes. Keep the wonderful job. Faved it.
Reminds me some what of the mechs in the animatrix, the ones that were armored.
Metaloz's avatar
Seeing that rank, I would remind you that i'd only let an officer pilot something that expensive.
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