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November 14, 2009
Escape by ~flyingdebris
Suggester said: full of motion and wonderful details, this painting is just an example of the amazing works to be found in this deviant's gallery.
I second that!
Featured by TobiasRoetsch
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An idea i had about a mercenary raiding a genetics facility for a crate of modified cats for some reason. Probably a lump sum of cash from a rival group.

Mostly though i just thought it'd be funny to have a whole lot of ruckus over a box o cats and worked in a mech theme.
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I would love to see versions of this fiddler mech made. As well as the mech in the background. The gunship I think I can proxy. Be awesome to war-game. A rebel group spoils a generals birthday party by stealing a precious crate full of genetically altered or created or whatever cats.
Very beautiful.
block82's avatar
Wow, great details on the soldiers and their weapons, love it!
alphastriker1's avatar
Capture the Box(Cats) Mode? 
WickedPrince's avatar
ROFL! Box of cats, that's frigging hilarious. :D
buying this print on the 1st. awesome man.
ShinaRyun's avatar
*snorts* Dude! Of course they would need some serious firepower to extract this! They're stealing Schrodinger's legacy!
DHBW's avatar
I just love the utter coolness of this. ...and the cats, OK mostly the cats....
ClockworkSerpent's avatar
*stares in awe at that background gunship*
Agacora's avatar
This is AWESOME!!!
EdXCal's avatar
This is likely my favorite peice you've made. I love the mechs and the story behind it is just outstanding! Great work!
ferdowz1413's avatar
wooow awsome dude :nirvana:
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I know you probably have recieved countless commendations on this, what this the daily deviation and all, but I cant help but bask in the glory of your masterworks. Mecha western-and-eastern has always fascinated me since I can remember, and this piece is no different. Superb work all around. I just have to ask, do you work in the video game or movie design business?
UmbraWraith099's avatar
Lol:) that is the most awesome storyline I've heard EVER!
Mechwalker's avatar
I'm digging the super-practical design and placement of the arms, as well as the tank-like upper section.
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ChRO25's avatar
This is my desktop background. F***in AMAZING action scene. Seriously dude, im begging you, make more like this the colors and the art style are great.
plethoraoflilies's avatar
Reminds me of Star Wars.
garylarson's avatar
EPIC! the way the mech is running with the container gives it a human quality..
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