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Corporate Infantry

This would be the corporate equivalent to the government infantry. In this pic i have with a sniper rifle and a pistol.
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RedTRexGames's avatar
Very dynamic pose!
Dude your sick! I need some pics drawn up could you shoot me a message
Davidpoet30's avatar
may i use this in a story and game
That's a bitchin' rifle!
peisheng123's avatar
Nice, but the leg looks like chicken leg @_@
SpectorKnight's avatar
I love his helmet :)
Nandos97's avatar
Love it, Your art is such an ispiration for me!
That's unbelievably awesome.
Psyker-LaZ's avatar
That is a very very nice rifle
LuckyMcklane's avatar
Awesome! Do you think he would be my friend?
Turtlemon's avatar
hes pretty much a sexy beast ;D
...his pistol is sexy too XD
The-F-Key's avatar
looks like a vindicare assasin from warhammer 40k
Edinator's avatar
that is so cool. I love the texture.
FlyingNerve's avatar
nice nice nice...
X-A-N-A's avatar
Wow..! Where do you get your ideas?
Dmitri-Molotov's avatar
rifle is very original and cool, stance also looks great.
The pistol looks like the Helghan Burst pistol from Killzone...
LukeDenby's avatar
it's nice how the muzzle flash is green too
jiubey's avatar
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
Wonderful Colors Pose & Design ... Very cool :)
Artie259's avatar
great job but i was wondering if you could help me im developing a suit for soldiers called the arch angels from a book im writng ill have a picture done soon enough ,ill message you when its done see if you like it.
Jay-Mac's avatar
Great image- love the insect-looking helmet. Intrigued by the sniper rifle design too- would love to see more of that.
TPSDude's avatar
the armor design is very good, no awesome. love the muzzle flash of the pistol.
Maddog3060's avatar
The view cameras on the helmet are lower than the actual eyes? Wouldn't that be disorienting?
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