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Alpha Strike Cover

Cover for Alpha Strike for Catalyst's Battletech
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Very cool artwork of a Clan Wolf (in Exile) Beta Galaxy Timber Wolf D.

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The Ares Convetion does not support this action!


Wait, that is a mad cat. A clan mech. Carry on.
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That's blasting(ly?) awesome!
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Reminds me of the really great intro for Mechwarrior 3. Completely unrelated to events in the game, just a display of brutal mech combat.
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Yeah, those intros were great. There's a video where someone edited the intros from the various games into a film.
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Amazing detail
Great work!
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Your details are stunning!
I had this as a k'nex set. XD also, for some reason I have random italics. Random buttons were hit by accident.
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timber wolf awesome :D
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Is that the mkIII?  With the SML6 taking up that much space makes me think its the Medium version of the Mad Cat line.  Which ever version it it is just looks so killy.
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I think that's a Mad Cat alternate D. The SRM6 looks like it takes up so much space because it's stacked on top of another one which is facing backwards.
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I have no words to describe how awesome this is! :O
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Whats not to love about this one; war torn city with a Timber Wolf D crushing a Wolfhound underfoot (while still fighting back) with a Banshee approaching from the background. Every machine looks so damn good
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Yes, excellent design of battle scenes.
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Love the Timber Wolf
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Great pick of the madcat, and I love Alpha Strike.
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