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-Amathyst Creature Stable bambifawnluv.deviantart.com/jo…
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-Black River Creature Center andriu18.deviantart.com/journa…
-Blue Cyclone Aviary swordxdolphin.deviantart.com/j…
-Broken Souls Creature Center tatiilange.deviantart.com/jour…
:bulletyellow: C :bulletyellow:
-Caer Draegyn Stables cdv-registry.deviantart.com/
-Castle in the sky Stable ottolover101.deviantart.com/jo…
:bulletyellow: D :bulletyellow:
-Dragphon Winged Beast Centre  labrattis.deviantart.com/journ…
-Downy Falls Stables kalaharimeerkatfan.deviantart.…
:bulletyellow: E :bulletyellow:
-Emerald Meadow Stables sora-no-ko.deviantart.com/jour…
-Evergreen Hills okami-haru.deviantart.com/jour…
:bulletyellow: F :bulletyellow:
-Forget-Me-Not Fields forget-me-not-fields.deviantar…
:bulletyellow: G :bulletyellow:
-Gestüt Sunrise Creature Stable arktiswolf.deviantart.com/jour…
-Green Amethyst Stables amethysttiger.deviantart.com/a…
:bulletyellow: H :bulletyellow:
-Harusame Meadows murasaki99.deviantart.com/jour…
- Hawaiian Dragon Center silvergatefarms.deviantart.com…
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:bulletyellow: L :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: M :bulletyellow:
-Moonlight Forest Stable moonyarsaraidh.deviantart.com/…
-Mythical Orchards Stable mostables.deviantart.com/
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:bulletyellow: O :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: P :bulletyellow:
-Peacock Stable loliigo.deviantart.com/journal…
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:bulletyellow: R :bulletyellow:
-Resaliar Stables direwolfwere.deviantart.com/jo…
:bulletyellow: S :bulletyellow:
-Secret Creek Stud fleurio.deviantart.com/journal…
-Silver Meadows Stables 13x-selene.deviantart.com/jour…
-Sunny Stables gabihorsece.deviantart.com/art…
-Sun Set Ranch/Aviary sprite-light.deviantart.com/jo…
:bulletyellow: T :bulletyellow:
-Texas Skies Dragon Aviary chrissymax.deviantart.com/jour…
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:bulletyellow: V :bulletyellow:
-Viirennan Center shadow7-7.deviantart.com/journ…
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KalahariMeerkatfan's avatar
Here's my stables; Downy Falls (I feel glad since I had to update it anyway) [link]
Princess-of-the-Sea1's avatar
How do you create a creature center?
GabiHorseArt98's avatar
As in #HorseArt-RPG
You create ur creature, register, train it and when you want you can find dome shows (art contest) or #Personal-HARPG ur personal show
It's really funny
a way to submit more art ;)
tatiilange's avatar
Just make a Journal with all the info in it c: and with the group icon.
take a look at all those links, theyll give you an idea of what it can be like ^^
DireWolfwere's avatar
tatiilange's avatar
added! and wellcome ^^
DireWolfwere's avatar
thanks:D Glad to be here ^.^
tatiilange's avatar
hahha i hope you like the group <3
we are in very need of active members XD also, make sure to take a look at the current competitions :D
DireWolfwere's avatar
Oh I will ^.^ I really like contest, and hopefully participating in this group will help keep me from becoming inactive art wise XD
tatiilange's avatar
:D amazing! hahahha i hope so too XD and i cant wait to see your entry! :squee:
DireWolfwere's avatar
thanks 8D I've been really busy so it might be a wile yet^^;
tatiilange's avatar
dont worry, if someone understands what is to be busy thats me :faint:
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DragonPud's avatar
what do you mean by Signed Stables? I'd like to add mine up there :} #CDV-Registry
tatiilange's avatar
woops, i think i missed this comment :$
If youre still interested: Registered Stables are the only ones that can play on this group ^^
DragonPud's avatar
i'm not too terribly active with shows and whatnot, but yeah, i'd like to add my stables up there still
tatiilange's avatar
Oh sorry i didnt saw it was you XD
Isnt your stable already there O.o
:facepalm: if not could you give me the link to your stable´s journal? :D
DragonPud's avatar
no i'm not up there. i don't exactly have a stable journal, since my stable is a group :}
:iconcdv-registry: Official name: CDvS - Caer Draegyn Stables
tatiilange's avatar
alright, ill put the link to the group instead of the link to the journal XD
Registered! :D
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