Avaible Creatures Species and Breeds

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:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletgreen: The Standart Species
They can be found here: fav.me/d4f1o3i
Those Specie´s descriptions were taken from the original mythology or the common thought, please dont argue about them. They are  wide open, with no breeding restrictions and colors.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletred: User´s Species
They can be found here: flyingcreatures-arpg.deviantar…
To create your own breed please fill this: fav.me/d4f22sn
:bulletred: We may accept other breeds that arent in the previous sheet if they are well made and complete.
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Shadow-Guardian0's avatar
Can I make up my own species for my stable?
tatiilange's avatar
*sorry missed this comment*
Yes, you can :D
iv0rine's avatar
hi, thank you for inviting me :)
can i create my own species right away? or should i make a standard species first?

tatiilange's avatar
oh, im sorry for not answering this! strangely it didnt apear in the messages box ^^;

You can start by creating your specie right away if you want :D no need of a Standart Creature xD
iv0rine's avatar
i read all the instructions... but i am kinda blonde >.>

So i was wondering about the contests. I don't really get it to be honest.
How does it work? how do I enter contests? and do i have to?

I am really bad at writing discriptions and stories, so i'd rather just stick to the drawing ^_^
tatiilange's avatar
Here is one competition for example: [link] ^^
tatiilange's avatar
we dont have any current Competition by now, but its the same as in the HARPG.

You enter the competition by drawing your creature and rider performing at it. th genetic points (gp) are a 50% , the drawing is a 40% and the story is only a 10%.

You dont have to enter conpetitions if you dont want to ^^

Im very bad at stories too, but only practice can make us better xD
Arktiswolf-x's avatar
hey. You have to get permission. Very nice! :)
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