What are GP and EP?

GP is the abbreviation for Genetic Points and EP, also called ExPoints, is the abbreviation for Experience Points.

As in real life, you can become better on a discipline by practicing and practicing, but genetic affects too. Also genetic might be useless if you don’t practice and develop. These two points affect in the RPG too and this is the way they do it:

Genetic Points.

New Creature:
When you create a new Creature with no previous and registered existing parents, your Creature will have only +1 GP that you can place whenever you want (Agility, Speed, Stamina, Trust).
If your creature has a disability, attitude problem, or other such trait they may have negative points.
(For example -2 agility for a clumsy creature or -1 trust for a more wild creature.)
If a creature has any negative points it gets one positive point for every negative point. The extra positive points can be added to any other trait.
(For example your clumsy creature is very trusting. Then it would have -2 agility and 2 trust.)
You will still have the original one point you get when you create a creature without existing parents.

Second or more Generation: (creatures you get after breeding)
When you breed 2 Creatures the baby will have the summon of the parents GP, this cannot change.  So for example if the mother has 3 Stamina GP and the father 2 Speed and 1 Stamina GP the son will have 4 Stamina GP and 2 Speed GP.
When a creature with negative stats is bred they will be carried on to the offspring, so one parent has -2 agility and another has 1 agility the offspring will have -1 agility.

GP are necessary for winning Competitions, they are distributed this way:
   -Agility: (Useful for Agility mainly)
   -Speed: (Useful for Races mainly)
   -Stamina: (Useful for Endurance mainly)
   -Courage: (Useful for Rodeo and AerealPaintball mainly)
  ----Take in mind some shows may vary their Judged Genetic Points, this means for example not all Enduro Shows will judge only Stamina, if not Trust too)

:star: You can gain 1 extra GP by neutering your Creature (this means it wont be able to breed).

Experience Points:

This are gained each time you (or someone else) draw your Creature. The drawing does not have to be full body, but either colored or shaded. You are the one in charge of keeping track of your Experience Points, and always remember to justify the points with the links to the images.  
EP are necessary for rising level from Beguiner to Extreme Creature, going through 1 star to 5 star and then into ExtremeCreature.

*Creature. Points are earned this way:
   -Competition entries: (3 ep for each)
   -CP For placings: (3rd place 1ep; 2nd place 2 ep; 1st place 3 ep)
   -Recreation Images: (1 ep)
   -Training Images: (2 ep)
   -Headshots: (0,5 ep)
   -Breeding Pics: (0,5 ep)
  -TOTAL= (the summon of all the ExPoints)

*The points needed to level up are:
   -Beguiner: 0 ep
   -1 Star Creature: 5 ep
   -2 Star Creature: 10 ep
   -3 Star Creature: 20 ep
   -4 Star Creature: 40 ep
   -5 Star Creature: 80 ep
   -Extreme Creature: 160 ep

Each Level allows you to enter more Advanced Competitions, so a 2 Star Creature cant enter a 4 Star Agility Competition. ** Higher Level Creatures may be able to enter lower level Competitions (Never the other way around), but this is up to the Competition Hoster.

When your Creature reaches the necessary points to Level up send us a Note with the title “Level Up: (and the level )”. For example “Level Up: 4 Stars Creature.

How EP and GP Systems should look like in a ref.

BS Stormbringer by tatiilange   WM Brisingr by tatiilange

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---- Important links
:bulletyellow: Introduction: flyingcreatures-arpg.deviantar…
:bulletyellow: How to Join: flyingcreatures-arpg.deviantar…
:bulletyellow: What are GP and EP? : flyingcreatures-arpg.deviantar…
:bulletyellow: Accepted Disciplines and Competitions: flyingcreatures-arpg.deviantar…

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