[CLOSED] 3000 points raffle!

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Welcome to the 3k watchers celebrations - thanks so much everyone :D!

3k watchers, so fittingly, a 3000 points raffle for you guys! <3

There will be 6 winners, each winning 500 points!

Deadline to enter: 25th May 23:59 EST. Winners announced on 26th May.

Ps. Also look out for freebie adopt sheets, there will be one each Monday for the next 4-5 weeks!


- read them, if you don't, you will be told to read them first anyway
  • This is for watchers only (new watchers are super welcome but please do not watch just to participate and then unwatch) 
  • You account has to be at least 2 months old to participate in this.

HOW TO ENTER (your first ticket):

  • Share this (as a journal, poll or a status) and comment here with the link to the share, saying you'd like to enter (1 ticket), if you are tagging friends for an additional ticket, this needs to be done at once in your entry.
  • This raffle has to be a separate share from my other raffles (as you know all my other raffles can be shared together, this is the only exception, also please do not bundle my raffles with other people's raffles and events, I will not count that.)


- having more tickets increases your chances in a raffle

(if entering multiple raffles, tell me which raffles you want to assign the additional tickets to, you can gain and assign these additional tickets at any time so you may want to wait and see the raffles before deciding how you want to distribute them)

And I honestly don't know if I should ping the freebie pinglist for this or not because it's not adopts, but in a big part this is me thanking the adopt community for all your support of my work, so in case someone's interested, I shall ping:

Pinglist for freebies:

Arwen1a PeachDango rlynbook chendraws ArtsyOwlFree3 AshTheHellcat TalonV silvershadowsong NikoS900 LadyWitchDoctor SavannaEGoth KateTrap PurpleFluffery EnglishPhoenix zoro4661 SadQuokka cloudymooneyes monkfishlover DemelzaTheNightwolf Snaa-zzy PandoraLights MatisseMadness Phanestal nerdy-katt bbbri-and-friends HG-Fangirl Bell-Cerise Crossing-Dreamer cat-andthefiddle Kawaiikat2002 Amelyanna Mrs-Lullaby Greteh LilAnaV-P Veritas-A4G NoireNambu DeadSuzume Numenryu FanyHi small-unibean tdt13 melonomelon InkyPrinceRick s24morj1695 xXFoxyIsAWolfXxEden-of-the-West catwolf1266 KrystalPearling lesbianartist101 wrxdr Natsume1505 ArtistGurl14 TheTempleGuardian CottonFluffy36 MarsKatt Xxinvader18Xx SamIamLuvDov Rose-GoId diligence420 hayven101 Monipue LimesAdopts willyooblBilly Almaoscurecida StrayMarbles FunkyGoodVibes Dream-Leaf-Alex Annu-Adopts DoodletheBlixmi DigimonLilith Ashido-117

Enter other 3k watchers events:

[CLOSED] Raffle 3 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 2 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 1 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 4 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 6 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 7 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 8 by FlyingCarpets [CLOSED] Raffle 5 by FlyingCarpets

(ps. all the above character raffles can be bundled into a single share for easier entering! But please still comment on each one to get your tickets so that we don't go insane keeping track of them XD)

Good luck and thank you! :hug:


And as always, the Multiverse promo! XD 

Join the fun ARPG-like multiverse of The Fading Realms - more members means more fun for everyone! <3

:iconthe-fading-realms: :iconthe-fading-realms: :iconthe-fading-realms:
© 2020 FlyingCarpets
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The results are below!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, I am extremely grateful for your support! :hug: Sorry if you didn't win this time, there will be next times!


Ticket #74 - bakagummi

Ticket #220 - lessiartist

Ticket #245 - Eclipticwyvern

Ticket #58 - MarsKatt

Ticket #181 - Adoptive

Ticket #7 - StrayMarbles

And this is where the numbers come from - I rolled the winners on random.org:

Points Raffle Results

You will now be sent 500 points each! :3

Thanks again to everyone!

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MarsKattStudent Digital Artist

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! :D

FlyingCarpets's avatar

You're super welcome! :3 Thank you for participating <3

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AdoptiveProfessional General Artist

with everything negative like being in this crisis, you are a god's gift.

bless you FlyingCarpets. thank you

FlyingCarpets's avatar

Aw, I just like to give back to this wonderful community :3 Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again for participating in this! <3

bakagummi's avatar
FlyingCarpets's avatar

You're super welcome, thank you for participating! <3

StrayMarbles's avatar
StrayMarblesHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you sm!! congrats to everyone else who won :0

FlyingCarpets's avatar

You're super welcome! <3 Thanks for participating!

Eclipticwyvern's avatar
EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

awesome! thank you once again for this wonderful oportunity!

FlyingCarpets's avatar

You're very welcome, thank you for participating! <3

FlyingCarpets's avatar

The points have now been sent! :3

lessiartist's avatar
lessiartistStudent General Artist

thanks :3 <3

FlyingCarpets's avatar

You're super welcome, thanks for participating!

FlyingCarpets's avatar

Yes! <3 Thanks so much for entering and for sharing the novel! :3

I assume all tickets go into this raffle (correct me if you're entering any other ones and want some reassigned), so here they are: #287, #288, #289, #290, #291, #292!

FlyingCarpets's avatar

Your ticket is #286!

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Nyght-DriscolHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm sad I waited this long to check this out - not really the raffle, but your book. I love eldritch. How could I MISS THAT?!


https://www.deviantart.com/nyght-driscol/status-update/20740461 - For the book

https://www.deviantart.com/nyght-driscol/status-update/20740452 - For the raffle

Beep Boop Screenshot Boop

Twitter pitter patter pooter

Taggin: Carnaugh DLN001COPYBOT hellbunny - SOME THINGS PEOPLE. You like reading and raffles

Thank you for doing this!

FlyingCarpets's avatar

Omg <333 Thank you so much, this really means a huge deal to me and Zlu (my gf)! The eldritch stuff is underlying so to say but the whole story is built on that idea and it will surface when it is supposed to. So I hope you won't be disenchanted not seeing it at once! Should still be plenty interesting to discover who is human and who is not c;

Thanks so much for entering and you got yourself 12 tickets total, would you like all of them to go into this particular raffle!

Nyght-Driscol's avatar
Nyght-DriscolHobbyist Digital Artist

Ah, my comment got deleted because my mouse has a BACK BUTTON.

Anyway, eldritch are supposed to work behind the scenes, never in your face at first, so I'm excited to see how your vision turns out! AH, this is gonna be neat.

OH, oh, and even though I love points, I'd actually love to put the lot here:

[OPEN] Raffle 3

If that's OK, because this critter would make one helluva diety.

Thank you so much for your time!

FlyingCarpets's avatar

Ah thanks for typing it again, means a lot (I know I get angry when I lose what I was typing XD)! And glad you think that's how it should be, we're very much looking forward to your thoughts then aaaa <3

Ok so for points raffle you get tickets #284 and #285 which is for entering and for the tags (those tickets cannot be reassigned) but the other 10 can go into the beastie, but can I please get you to comment under the beast raffle that you're entering? I'll reply there with your ticket numbers, I need to keep tickets for particular raffles under those raffles to stay sane on the results day XD (btw you will get an extra ticket for entering because there's 1 guaranteed one for each raffle where you post that you enter).

Nyght-Driscol's avatar
Nyght-DriscolHobbyist Digital Artist

Definitely understood and thank you for being so patient and kind. It's rare that a really popular artist is like that and it's really dang nice. Done and done!

FlyingCarpets's avatar

Tbh I don't see myself as a popular artist yet and the place where I got to (which I am very thankful for) is by being a part of the community this way and I have everyone here to thank for it. If I ever become truly popular, I will use that power for good X3 I hate when popular artists don't even bother replying to people's comments on their art and such stuff. Thanks for being dang nice too! <3

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