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The Quetzi by FlyingCarpets, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

The Master's Pierced Thralls by FlyingCarpets, visual art


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Fave Glitch Beastie 3 by FlyingCarpets, visual art

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We are all royal and sparkly here

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The Road to El Dorado, Emperor's New Groove, Aladdin, Hercules, The Fall, Adam's Apples, Watchmen, Enchanted,
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Carnivàle, Preacher, Good Omens,
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The ones I'm writing with my gf :P
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My girlfriend :D Also Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Scott Lynch, Carol Berg
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Storywriting is my life tbh :O I'm looking forward to finally sharing all that one day. But for now have some designs. A lot of designs XD Oh and I love all things Maya, Aztec & Ancient Egyptian

City and the Beast

Please check out our novel - City and the Beast>>! :3

If you enjoy it, please leave a comment, it would mean the world to us!

The Perfect Lawyer

City and the Beast is a story about a thief trying to find the key to getting his life back on track, about a homeless man who wants to stop stealing lives, and about a wayward biker delivering packages for a shady priest. In the streets and docks of New Coalport the business is booming, shadowy figures are lurking, and you get to experience their double-dealings from at least three different perspectives. Who is the beast and who is the man in this city, and do falling stars really bring luck? Do people need ears to hear, and how can a lawyer cause a basement crack? Read and find out! 

City and the Beast features a lot of mythology, LGBTQ+ characters, fallen stars, eldritch abominations and their timeless guardians, grumpy priests, fancy lawyers, motorbikers, criminals… why pick and choose when you can have it all! If you like humour and romance, interwoven with dark themes, epic scale events and black comedy of misunderstandings, this is a book for you <3!

(recommended 18+ for dark themes and some nsfw content)

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City and the Beast: Shaazgai
City and the Beast: Judgement
Church Crop
Then perish
Persian Sorcerer and the Starry Night
Cover art by Sketchrai
The Pharaohs MC

You can also follow story art, music & various shenanigans at our book tumblr;

Thanks for interest everyone!

City and the Beast: Shaazgai
One Man's Review of Another Man's Face
0 min read
Hello everyone, hope everything's going well for you! For those who missed why I pretty much disappeared, the previous journal is here; And now update; I finally got the holter monitor so I'm gonna be wearing it for 7 days now and hopefully we'll find out what's with my heart. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the hiatus did me good and I have like 1% of symptoms I was experiencing for the last 3 months, so not a great time for wearing the holter monitor, but what can I do. I'm seeing cardiologist at the end of June, so I'll only know anything then. I'm feeling well though, definitely much better, and enjoying my life of chill. But I will be coming back here in early July :3 Been devoting mornings to work on launching Journeys in - I enlisted a bunch of awesome helpers on group Discord but if anyone is bored and wants to help me invent short interesting art quests for group members (aka write short NPC profiles such as these examples;
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Since I dropped by, here's adopts feature! :D Behooold! (Also quite bunch of Fading Realms stuff! ^^)
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So I will be going on a hiatus starting this Wednesday, probably for a month, might be for longer. I've been having some health problems lately (heart) and it has me feeling constantly exhausted, so I think I just need to sit back and relax for a month, hoping that will help (I am waiting to see a cardiologist, but in Canada the health system is so broken that the wait is 4 months, which is considered very quick). I will not be entirely gone, I will check messages here once daily and be there if someone is buying something. But I will not be posting anything except for those 7 day OTA collab adopts with other artists once in a while. I will still be responding to people I am in conversations with on Discord, not to worry, though I may do so with more of a delay. I will take this time to: * rest * to work on Journeys for (that WILL be launched this year I swear, I am already working on them every day, but they are simply a HUGE undertaking) that I hope to start testing with some
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Hi :0 i bought an adopt from a resell that you made. Can i use for commercial use

Hi there, here are my Terms of Service, hope that will answer your question;

it does thank you ^^

Merry Christmas, FlyingCarpets! Hope you have some amazing holidays my dude!

Merry Christmas to you as well, have a wonderful one! :star:

Thank you very much!

I love your art so much :)