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Christiana (Ace/Chris)
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United States

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Sunny Sticker by FlyingAce1917
By me

Main ARPGs: Ketucari | Vesper-End | Tokotas (SpiritsoftheAurora)
Side ARPGs: Shivali-Empire | Prehistoria-ARPG | World-of-Reos
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Sunny Sticker by FlyingAce1917


Topaz 704 by Matriarchs-Haunt

Attunement: Dasrah ?

Breeding Eligibility:

Complete 1 successful Adventure: Reaping for FlyingAce
Learn 1 physical attack skill: Blind - A Day After Rain
Complete 1 successful Battle: Battle - Topaz and Opal V. Some Fauna

 Elder Rank Progress:

Learn 3 physical attack skills
Rend: Quest - Rend - Taking Out Some Anger
Slam: That's Gonna Hurt in the Morning
Blind: A Day After Rain

Learn 1 social skills
Charming: Please Just Go Away

Learn 2 boon skills

Learn 2 exploration skills
Keen Sight:

Learn 2 talent skills
Narrow Escape:
Second Wind:

Learn 4 magic skills



1. Introduction:
2. Stranger: Please Just Go Away
3. Fleeing: A Day After Rain
4. Failure: That's Gonna Hurt in the Morning
5. Cooperation: A Heavy Load (MB)

Elder Skills:


Bonding Tracker:

Level 1

[Shift Event] Topaz by FlyingAce1917 |  Please Just Go Away by FlyingAce1917 |  A Day After Rain by FlyingAce1917 |  That's Gonna Hurt in the Morning by FlyingAce1917 |  A Heavy Load (MB) by NinjaSundae

Level 2

Reaping for FlyingAce by NinjaSundae |  Gravidon Fall Down by NinjaSundae |  Down the Hole by NinjaSundae |  Shalekesh Reaping by NinjaSundae |  Prospecting for Copper by FlyingAce1917

Level 3

Quest - Rend - Taking Out Some Anger by FlyingAce1917 |  Battle - Topaz and Opal V. Some Fauna by FlyingAce1917 |||

Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Level 7


Level 8


Level 9


Level 10


Character Info/History/ect.

(Still a bit WIP)

Sunshine/Sunny (cub; nicknames used for him because of his very happy, caring personality as a cub. He doesn't like it when ketus use these names now as it seems they're only used to mock him).
Paz (young adult/adult; just a shortened form of Topaz. It's his preferred nickname presently).

Personality: Topaz is a gruff ketu with a blunt way of speaking that puts off others. Generally unmotivated to do anything other than what's necessary to get by, his work is always sloppy and half-hearted. He's not very skilled in anything, but is decent enough at hunting and is generally mocked for his ineptitude in just about everything. Paz doesn't usually like company, preferring to hide around the territory to avoid work and individuals he dislikes. Despite that, he's very interested in the different lands of the world and will seek out others to ask them of their travels as he usually doesn't leave pack territory. He'd last one day by himself if he was lucky, so he's reluctant to travel.

Cub: Topaz was a bright little ball of sunshine as a cub. He was always happy and went around with an energized, bouncy walk. Unlike most cubs, he didn't really play games. Being an only cub, he had no siblings to play with. Byzantium wasn't usually interested in him, as raising a cub was work and Izanami cared more about his dead brother than him*. He was good at entertaining himself because of that. Every little new thing he found was fascinating and took up his attention for longer than it would other cubs. There wasn't a better word to describe him than optimistic; little Paz was always looking on the bright side of every situation (no matter how bad). Unlike his mother, he was very empathetic and cared very much about other's well-being. Unfortunately, this wasn't always helpful. Although he had good relations with father at the time, Izanami was a different story. His constant questions and talkative nature seemed to annoy his mother, but being a cub, Paz didn't think about it much.

Early Years: (older child/teenager) As Paz grew older, he began to notice things he hadn't before. Details he wrote off before ended up connecting with others, ending up making this huge web with all the little parts interacting. The world was much larger than he ever imagined and it contained so many wondrous places to explore. On the downside, this big world was starting to feel really small. Neither of his parents seemed at all interested in him; his father too lazy to care and mother too apathetic. This wasn't much of a problem for Paz before, but now he was of the age he had to start learning survival skills. He was clumsy, easily distracted, and trouble interpreting instructions. Hunting was nearly impossible for him. Being a caring individual, he didn't want to harm any other living thing. But after pressure from Izanami, he managed to bring himself to do it. Even so, he couldn't focus on the prey, and if he even managed to get close he'd trip over his own paws trying to chase it. Looking for herbs was so boring when there were so many other wonderful things to look at. He couldn't even remember which were which. They were just plants - half of them looked alike and the other half smelled the same. How could anyone ever keep track of them all? Digging for ores was problematic to say the least. Topaz wasn't strong by any means, so pulling half-buried ore out like his mother could just wasn't possible. Excavating took so much time and effort, he always ended up with bruised paws and sore muscles. At least he got to look at shiny things and not some dumb leaves.

Despite all his shortcomings, Paz did earnestly try to learn and do things right. Izanami eventually grew annoyed with his ineptitude and her temper grew short. She would snap at Paz for every little thing he got wrong. Her constant disapproval wore him down; his sunny disposition faded over time. Exciting things were no longer interesting, watching the world around him grew boring, and even trying to do anything was tiring. The bright optimism was slowly replaced by pessimism, and his empathy with apathy. He lost motivation to put effort into anything, barely doing enough to finish whatever he was doing. He wasn't good enough for mother, so why bother?

Izanami dethroning Nephthys: At this point Topaz had stopped caring about anything that didn't directly affect him. At first it didn't matter that Izanami was planning a rebellion. Paz wasn't too bothered by Nephthys; as long as she didn't do anything to him he didn't care what she did to others. But after thinking about the situation, it occurred to him that if his mother did challenge the matriarch and lost he would probably be driven out of the pack. Not wanting to live as a loner, he decided to help Iza with her plan. He had taken messages from the informant known as Judas a couple times when Izanami wasn't present (of course delivering them to her later). He wasn't much involved in the planning aspect of the scheme, but kind of helped where he could. Even thought he wasn't too good at combat, he helped with the attack on the castle.

Now: (young adult) Topaz works as a hunter for the pack now, although he's not the best at least he's contributing. He's not good at hunting with a group so he very rarely returns with any large prey. Usually all he brings back is enough to feed a few cubs. Paz likes to seclude himself from pack members because he doesn't like company. Jealous of Asrol for being more liked by his mother, Paz isn't on good terms with him. It's more of a passive-aggressive dislike than anything hostile though; Paz doesn't have the motivation to actively hate him. 

He spends most of his time hiding around the territory to slack off and avoid others. However, he'll approach every newcomer he sees around to ask them where they came from because he loves hearing about how varied the world is. Due to the nature of the pack, though, there usually aren't many visitors. Topaz will also spend time with the messengers occasionally for the same reason. Other ketu wonder why he apprenticed as (and now is) a hunter instead of a messenger when it seems he would enjoy it more and would probably be more productive. Well, it's probably better to send someone who won't end up offending who they're delivering and taking messages from. He doesn't try to upset others on purpose, but his gruff demeanor and blunt way of speaking upsets others regardless. It's also another reason he has no friends. Who wants to be around someone like that?

I imagine based on the piece you did about the matriarch kill of Cub 1's brother, that she would be grieving for the lost cub and her personality makes me think she would try to repress any feelings for Cub 1 to emotionally protect herself from more loss (if Cub 1 had happened to die too). So he would end up being mostly ignored by her and she would eventually come to treat him like Kamala did her (but without the abandoning for a guardian to eat).


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