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Size Matters

Project truck concept rendering. This is for a joint project between a major shop and parts supplier, and should hit the road soon!
Pencil sketch scanned, color-blocked in Illustrator, then composite work was performed in Photoshop, blending photos of sea salt and pebbles, model railroad parts, and photos of construction paper shapes, photos of the sky and some old stock images of rockets and launch pads.
Final detailing for dust and spatters added after print, using toothbrushes and the trusty Iwata.
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Hello  Great renderings,  Im alway looking to buy cars I have a screenprint shop specializing in race and car show designs
please let me know if you sell you renderings, please let me know  thanks
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that looks pretty cool! but i don't think that it would be such a useful truck, considering that it is that low! :)
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Thats amazing! Excellent work
Stunning - gotta love them Trucks, great job !!!
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Amazing job, love the style and the colors.
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I'm no art critic beyond being able to say whether I like something or not.

This...I like. As a youngster, I built model trucks and wish I had the creativity to build something that looked this cool.

Thank you for sharing.

Best regards,

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Heck freaking yeah! XD
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