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Things You Should Know

Join rules
Anyone can join.

Group rules
Be nice. We don't want anyone reporting a user because they are using offensive language or being mean. If that does happen, there will be consequences.

Submission rules
No mature content, nor any other inappropriate content. Nothing offensive, no nudity, no gore.
Beyond that, any deviation relevant to this group will be accepted. Here is what that means:
Flying-Islands-Here is looking for any flying grounds, platforms or surfaces. Deviations have to contain objects being visibly in the air. From the deviation alone, it should be clear that the object is above the ground and not being stabilised by the ground, not (mainly) floating on water, not resting on pillars, not resting on a smaller object that is resting on the ground. Hanging is allowed.
Exceptions have been made and will be made.

Folder guide
We encourage you to use our folders as much as possible. We are not strict about this and will accept any deviation with content related to our group.
Here is how we currently sort deviations:

Priority list: From top to bottom, the first folder that applies to the deviation is the one it belongs into.

  • contests - Group contest submissions
  • Previous Contest Entries - artwork from previous contests.
  • Tutorials and Resources - Stocks, step by step deviations, tips and advice.
  • Flash & Animations - Flash games, Flash animations, animated GIFs, films, any interactive game that is playable on dA
  • Fanart - All deviations containing characters and objects from existing works and their fanart-extended universe. This includes fanart OCs, existing islands and any other fanart. As with any other folder, submissions are still subject to the submission rules (must be relevant to our group).
  • Pixel Art & Icons - Pixel art, deviations with dimensions less than 150x150px and single floating grounds with white or transparent background
  • Flying cities - Structures able to contain a lot of inhabitants or several buildings that are somehow connected (standing on the same ground, floating in groups, bridges between them, wires, etc.)
  • Flying Islands - All deviations with focus on the main topic of the group: original floating islands. Islands should have a surface with sufficient space to be inhabitable (but not necessarily otherwise friendly to life). Islands should also be made of stone, earth, sand or similar materials.
    As a rule of thumb: If a house fits on it, it's an island, if not, it's a rock.
  • Floating rocks - Flying grounds too small or too uneven to be inhabitable, but still based on stone, earth, sand or a similar material
  • other - Flying platforms that are visibly above grounds, but do not fit into any other folder. This includes grounds made out of clouds and bubbles, spherical worlds, abstract things and flying trees.
  • non-member submissions - Deviants who are not in our group or an affiliate group can only submit here. It will be sorted from there when or if an admin finds the time.

Gallery Folders

pizzahut in the ski by lunatwo
Adventure by DAEMON-WORKS
Flying islands by TailHug
Sound of silence by Real-Mad-Psyho
0.5 - Previous Contest Entries
The last tree (hanging tree contest) by Calhingil
Nomadic Isles by Remuko-E
WDV - 600 - The Drift by wetdryvac
Farewell  (hanging tree contest) by Calhingil
0 - Contests
1 - Tutorials and Resources
Floating Island PNG Pack by DonkeySneakers by DonkeySneakers
The Grand Design 3 by TreehouseCharms
BG-floatingring by Goldenthrush
Elemental Tutorial. Part II: Earth and Air by Axsens
2 - Flash and Animations
Nonu - gift for hellnu by Villiawenn
Lav Pixel Island by KawaiiPeach7
Float on by Over-The-Rift
Bhumi by SovanJedi
3 - Fanart
As You Were: Clockwork [A Matter of Time, p1] by Sarapsys
4 - Pixel Art and Icons
Little Island by catlover949
My love would last forever by Ragthanatos
Floating Island [2] by DenizcanTulan
Land of the Clouds by LustriousCharming
5 - Flying cities
Tiempo by Maaot
Jandosch Cloudfloater by the-first-seer
Marketcastle by Kamikaye
Market Castle WIP by Kamikaye
6 - Flying Islands
Sky City by AngeloVergil
My little Heaven by AngeloVergil
Volcanic Lair by AlynSpiller
Floating Islands Pagoda by SarawiStudio
7 - Floating Rocks
Dualle - Miktos by jasonwang7
Gates of Fortune by JasonEngle
Avril-Schema-Vol 1-wallpaper by BettyElgyn
8 - other
The great voice II by the-first-seer
9 - non-member submissions
perfect solitude by SnakeHeart45





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Flying islands and floating cities are found everywhere from books to movies, TV shows to classics. Whether it's Laputa from Gulliver's Travels, the LionTurtle cities fom Legend of Korra, or The Castle in The Sky, we are looking for your art! Join today if you have art related to the topic or if you are simply interested in flying islands! :)

Tags: flying, sky, air, float, island, fantasy, scifi, science fiction, sci-fi, ghibli, levitation, levitate, gorillaz, surrealism, surreal, gravity, antigrav, antigravity, anti-gravity, hover, hovering
Founded 5 Years ago
Mar 8, 2014


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Welcome back to some floating news, in our fourth issue in which I inform you about new or even upcoming content with our favourite trope: floating islands, flying rocks, hovering cities and more levitating platforms.

Today, I present to you: Action Movie Kid.
This YouTube channel, made by father and DreamWorks animator, chronicles the short adventures of James, a small boy with the power of imagination - an imagination that comes alive!

Sooner or later, he had to touch our topic in one way or another, so here he is, building his own flying platform with nothing but chalk and imagination:

Awesome, right? I love the concept of this YouTube channel.

In other news, you might have heard about a game with an interesting premise: No Man's Sky, where everything is procedurally generated. Procedural generation means: Instead of having a designer place all elements of the gaming environment on a map, your position on the map determines your environment through an algorithm, the plant life and the animals are made by an algorithm, the resources, the planets, the kinds of ships you encounter, what conversations you have with aliens, everything is made by an algorithm, not by a human designer (not entirely, that is).

While the game apparently isn't without its controversies, I enjoy watching it - it really relaxes me and the graphics are gorgeous. And there are floating rocks:

Do you know some new or upcoming stuff for Floating News? I'd love to check it out! Tell me in the comments below. Of course, if you would like to write something yourself, old or new, please do!

Don't look down.
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Thanks for the request! :> Such a cute group!! Keep it up :D

There are good news!
We already have almost two months ice fog in Bavaria and then suddenly this mail for Christmas, a gift of heaven.

Hi Agura, I'm the editor of the free Digital Art Live magazine for science fiction artist. Our January issue is to be themed "To the Skies!" and will feature floating cities, floating islands, airship and airborne adventure. We're leading with an interview with the maker of the movie "Sky Captain and the The World of Tomorrow". We've seen your... floating islands pictures on DeviantArt, and we'd like to do an in-depth interview with you for the magazine, please.

I hope to show some pictures of Terragen to show my appreciation to TG.
I am full of hope and joy :)

I would not be surprised if he had found my pictures in this great group Heart 

(1 Reply)
Damir1982 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
hello all:D have a great day!
Brony220 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for including my piece of artwork! I really appreciate it!

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