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Lil ol' water dragon dude! He's got a FEESH!

The first ever print of this guy will be up for sale at the Anthrocon art show in a few weeks in Pittsburgh. Will be a digital print mounted on wood.
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Both cute and amusing facial expression at the same time!
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Amazing! Lol, his posture and expression make him remind me of a puppy whose attention has just been caught :P
love that dragon... get prints made, please, I'd love one!!!
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I have one and one only ready to hang-mounted print available here:

neverthirst's avatar
I love that there's this whimsical, playful element to your style/fantasy art and critters.
Kata's avatar
Love the colors and detail! :)
kiki-doodle's avatar
the only thing that really bothers me is that there is SO much beautiful detail here, and yet there are no gills on that fishy!

The scalework on that dragon and the horns are beautiful. I love your choices in color :3
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Oh man you are right! I had drawn them in, then my computer crashed, and I guess I forgot they weren't there anymore :O Will fix!
kiki-doodle's avatar
hahaa, that happens to me all the time! I drew a relatively intricate piece of artwork and exclaimed "DONE!" Then right before I uploaded realized I had a huge blob of color I had left as placeholder for a bird. Somehow I didn't see it.
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Right? Thanks for letting me know about it! Your recent work is gorgeous btw <3
kiki-doodle's avatar
Awww, thanks! I'm a rather silent watcher, but I've been equally impressed with the stuff you've been churning out lately :)!
RamenScotch's avatar
beautiful work :D everything about this is adorable XD
AguaRush11's avatar
this is beautiful. i love the scales and the details. beautiful clouds! .. lovely eyes! yummy feeeeeeesh!
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