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Dragon of Marduk

By Flying-Fox
Someone suggested I do this creature, SO I DID. Plus it's a dragon...thingy :P


PRINTS are available now, check my latest journal for the lowdown on those!


This Striding Snake Dragon of Marduk at one time decorated the Ishtar Gate which began the procession to the great temple of Marduk for about half a mile. The dragon is decorated in molded glazed bricks, with its scaly body of a dragon, head of a snake, hind feet claws of a large bird of prey, front paws of a lion and the tail of a deadly scorpion. It is interesting that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was apparently standing upright before it became cursed in the fall. The Hebrew word for serpent is "nachash" and in Isaiah 27:1 the dragon is also referred to as the "nachash"."
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tvdragonlord's avatar
Very nice! I always adored that dragon
P-Dizzy8's avatar
Eeey, I bought a big book full of dragons from DA, and this was easily my favorite dragon from it. Now I can look at all ur other awesome designs! :D
Monochrome-Telegram's avatar
when will they be out?
Onirke's avatar
This is awesome, great head - original and nicely detailed. Dragon itself looks hilarious in this position :D Great colouring
Shadowulf1's avatar
Very nice Musshushu/Sirrush. :)
GuloBorealis's avatar
its actually called a "Mussushu" or "Sirrush". And he's adorable. :3
redchicken888's avatar
Wow! This is great! :iconlarryplz:
CrazyRedFire's avatar
:onfire: :clap: :love: :faint: I am speechless!
Anamia's avatar
I actually think it's quite cute little thing. Does that make me perverse? And I like the coloring.
Naharitari's avatar
That is really well done
wolffuchs's avatar
Great! Very cool!!
HappyTadpoleCarnage's avatar
This is so beautiful. It's been so hard finding a nice modern interpretation of the Dragon ot Marduk. I've seen the Ishtar Gate and was instantly captivated by this creature. Well done!!!
Rose-Emblum's avatar
A-kija's avatar
Wonderful details!
I love your style! This guy is a beauty!
Jazz-Rhythm's avatar
I really love the design, especially the face, and I like the somewhat playful position its in
Argema-Brassingtonei's avatar
I love it's shoulders. How do you come up with this stuff anyway? ZOMG! Do a Tutorial on your creative process *Hyperventilates* dooo eeeet....
MEWZILLA's avatar
Strange creature , reminds me of a Chimera
Cool colors and line art 9v9
Mindmusic's avatar
Lovely as always ^^
radtastical's avatar
awww this one is adorable :3
haruko-doe's avatar
The position of his body and facial features make this one looks goofy but, in a cute way.
however, if it were real i am pretty sure i would be scared to touch it.
I would end up touching would just take sec.
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