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PotPlayer Skin: theSimpleThing 2.0

[Update 2014-09-29] Version 2.1 released !
Added a small icon version ;
Added Windows border version ;
Added white version of playlist & control panel ;
Improved some icons ;
Fixed some small mistakes ;
[Update 2014-04-17]
Fixed a huge mistake: the 'next' and the 'previous' button was misplaced. 
I'm sorry about my careless...

[2014-03-31]Finally, I have finished the 'tst' 2.0 at the end of March 2014.
Two years ago I submitted this skin's first version on DA, and I got about 10 thousand downloads during these time, it is so nice to have you guys like my work, thx all of you.

And now I'm bring you the latest version of theSimpleThing, I redesigned all the icons, style, and layout,  to make it looks better, and now it contains the controlbox and attachable playlist.

Please do the following things in your potplayer to make sure you have the best view of my skin :
0.Update your potplayer to the newest version
1.Choose theSimpleThing2 in skin list
Choose the 'Direct3D 9' in 'On Screen Control'
3.Change skin transparency to 100% in 'On Screen Control'

Feel free to comment, I'm glad to receive your suggestions.

P.S.  After two years, my English still sucks. 

* Preview screenshot from the movie "500 Days of Summer" *
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Sorprendente se ve genial.

Works great! Thank you, haven't had any issues yet.

Man this ain't workin on Ubuntu

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This skin is the best I have ever used. But there is a bug, when I drag the window, the window will jump first and then follow the mouse instead of directly following the mouse.

Seems like this is no longer updated, but I'll still try: since the latest update of Potplayer 200513(1.7.21212), the window size can't be less than 564 vertical pixels. It has something to do with this skin, because when I change the skin I can resize the window to be smaller. Please update the skin, it's the reason I changed to Potplayer, but now I can't make the window smaller.

Yes, it seems like I have this problem too. Do you know where to download previous version of Potlayer?

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Nice, I like this concise add-on theme.

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error about one time per five, the skins is diappered and after closing the potplayer it said "Unhandled exception occurred[0xC0000005@0x00007FF8FC27C5D3] at d3d11.dll"

well this is probably the only skin looks good, please fix the only problem of this skin, thanks
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Please release an update, thx
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very good skin. it really has simplistic feel to it <3Hi! 
just want to know. anyway to change font style on screen that shows the title and durations details?
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how to downlord?
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Did you find it? If not, it's on the top right side of this page.
elegant and beautiful!
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amazing... just looking for this style
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Thanks for your theme ,its awesome . I make little change in skin but repack the skin by changing the extension it doesn't load .any suggestions 
Very good skin, unfortunatly when I choose Direct3D to transparency my video image changes to more "saturated", but good job!
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In the newest version of Potplayer (1.7.457), the text above the seekbar displays in black instead of white. See: I'm using Black Small [win]. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks, love the skin !
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Is it still black in direct 3D mode? Normal mode is not recommended.
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Could you please update your skin so it displays the default scrollbar in the "Preferences" menu? I've tried messing with the XML but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance!
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Sorry but I can't, the whole potplayer ui system use only one scrollbar style at once, so if I use default scrollbar style, it will looks wired in the playlist.
But you can do it by delete the ScrollBar.bmp in the skin file, it's not controlled by xml at all.
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While playing audio is it somehow possible to make this skin collapsed like in your preview picture (under "...with a small icon edition" text)? I can't get the skin any smaller than 712x400 pixels for some reason.
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