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Kenny Shimeji

By FlyAwayMax
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Ummm apparently it helps to have Winzip if you wanna unzip the files to use them =. Other than that, I think it should work fine

Okay, so this is a really cute Kenny Shimeji (If i may say so myself) That I did this week UwU I would like you guys to download it and use it and love it and tell me if it works right xD I've never uploaded a .zip file to dA before so idk if I've done it correctly

I didn't do the original coding, just drew all the little pictures
Kenny (c) South Park
© 2011 - 2021 FlyAwayMax
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Where do I download? qwq

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I can't download itttt;_;
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Um,Im trying to download this,but it keeps bringing me to this download Java 6 page in japanese. Please help!!!
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And I already have the correct version of Java!
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It's because it's an older shimeji so Java 6 is out of date now. I just replace the image or "img" file of a working shimeji with the "img" file of the non-working one. I found a random working shimeji in case you don't already have one, it's in Engish too so you can change any Japanese shimeji you might have to English: Kirby shimeji

Of course, don't forget to make a copy of the file with the working shimeji if you want to keep it.

Hope I could help!
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Where can I download this? owo
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i lOVE HIM?? blease make more??
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So cute! I love this lil guy ^_^
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Oh my God. this is so cute ;u;
I can finally also use them to distract my sister if i need to xD
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Oh my god~! I love this!!! Thank you!!!!! >/////<
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My friends keep telling me this looks like a donut....

xD Great job
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xD he does kinda look like a donut
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Great job dude :D

Make sure you tell them they need WinZip to run it though O.O
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It works~ JUst has the usual shimeji problem. 2 files had to be renamed
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Oh, really? :D That's better news than I expected xD
Ermmm... which files did you have to rename? o3o'
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If you just google shimeji not working, pages come up to tell you ^ ^
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I shall download this when I have the time<33
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lol shweet xD tell me if it works then, cause im not sure >3>"
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awww! poor kenny!

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:( i didnt work for me, maybe my compute cant hold the cutness that the kenny posseses
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hmmm I probably just didn't do it right ^^" try again soon, I'm fiddling with the files
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