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DONE WITH EXAMS! I still got to go to school for couple of more days to do some finishing work regarding exhibition or what ever but

I'M DONE! *wheeze*

Best year so far, had a lot of fun and learned a shit ton of useful stuff regarding materials and making stuff like scenic art, props, effects, etc. This school sure lives up to the applied in the name of applied arts.

I can't believe I'm done with school till october! I finished all my exams in this period, aced all but one (out of seven) and died while doing so but now I'm gonna refresh myself and jump back to work here!

I really appreciate all of you patient folk for waiting for me to get the school done since like... april... *sweats* but expect me to get back into the sketch commissions as soon as I recover some strength which should be by mid next week! (I have to attend the setup and opening of the school exhibition so yeah).

So yall know I opened commissions to collect money for the eye surgery and well, while collecting as much as the one can cost (about 500euros I think, have yet to check in a week or two), my parents will borrow some money in advance so I can take the surgery as soon as possible. My plan was to collect money throughout the year and take it next summer after I graduate but both doc and mom think it's urgent (I and I guess I agree with them as well since all I can see is color but not shapes on my left eye lol), we will have to borrow money and get it done probably in july. I still want to do as many commissions as possible before I undergo it cuz I will be stuck in the dark like some kind of vamp under pain meds for two weeks. Since I'll do just one eye, I dunno how much I'll be able to use the other without relying on the current bad one. ... I hope to be able to wear an eyebpatch~!

After the surgery, I'll do more commissions! Well, if things go well. ;u; hopefully they will.

I might post some stuff done at school? Or dump of them? I'm not sure lol. Will see if I have the patience to photograph stuff or not hahaha.

Uuuh I think that's all, if you guys have any questions for me or such feel free to ask. :3


Spring Break sketch commissions: OPEN by Fly-Sky-High

Hey y'all! Commish tiem~! And happy Easter to fellow orthodox Christians~!

Who ever is keeping up with my personal crud on my instagram is probably familiar with the fact that I need an eye surgery soon before I lose an eyesight on my left eye completely~ So, in order to start collecting 500euros for a single eye, I'm opening up simple type of commissions due to my short free time while on the spring break from classes and collage work~!


-I will take this first round with 10 slots open!

-Paypal commissions only (I haven't been dealing with points for years, sorry ;w; )

-The prices are adjusted to current currency between euro and US dollar (I will not accept payment with any other than these two currencies, sorry), since I will be paying the surgery in dinars (that doctors convert to euros for expenses)

-I WILL draw: cartoonish or manga styled humans, anthro, creatures (mythological, pokemon, digimon), animals (persona's or fursonas or such), beasts (pokemon, digimon, myths), dragons (Flight Rising or such), franchise oc's, stuff along those lines~

-I WILL NOT draw: backgrounds, complicated mechs (simple robot characters are okay), realistic, NSFW (but a bit of gore like blood or wounds is okay, nothing too extreme), honestly anything none cartoonish, fetishes (I'm not shaming, I just don't have my own room and pc to draw this and not be questions by my family members XD), stuff or characters that you don't have permission to use

-One costumer can order up to 3 sketches only

-I will draw max 3 chibis, max 2 easy sketch half body characters and only one detailed full body per sketch (on a single drawing)

-I RECEIVE PAYMENT ONLY AFTER I NOTE YOU BACK THAT I FINISHED YOUR COMMISSION. I send you the preview and request for your e-mail so I can send you an invoice via paypal. Once the payment is done after the sent invoice, I send you the full sketch~ I will not receive the payment without the invoice, due to some new terms and conditions Paypal has (I dun wanna end up in trouble).


QUICK NOTE: I'm close to the end of semester and second year, so I might be a little busy but I will find time to get to sketches so please be patient if I'm late!


  1. Koriyuki-Ryuumi: DONE
  2. Strykeforce2005: NEXT
  3. TangoTom24
  4. ~
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I love Eclipse but makes me sad it's slow due to my processor or net speed, not sure! I'm also a little confuse don how the deviation sorting works because it doesn't view them in order any more or it limits the number you can view while sliding through? Idk :U maybe I just suck at this XD
A small update bellow and to wish everyone a Happy New years~

It has been kind of a confusing and stressful semester, a lot of stuff I've trying to get a hang of now are very new to me and require practice and time which I didn't had a lot of. This was the main reason I've been very silent here, I apologize again to everyone.

In a sense, I feel like this year will be a little more difficult when it comes to balancing time and workload. I have yet to handle exams later in january and also prep for second semester, as well as decide on what my final project is going to be so this will require time. With that, I'm sorry to say I won't be able to get back to commissions or anything until I'm truly done and through with my final year. <:'3 I was hoping moving to more digital media will be something I'm use to and familiar with but I was dead wrong oops... But I'm learning a lot of new things, VERY helpful and useful, I am just terrible at handling and managing time with each class, something I also need to get a better hang out of so I won't leave people here waiting on me... OTL Once again, I apologize... I'll eventually learn to be more professional. As stressful as this is, I'm learning from my mistakes at least.

Anyway, while I'll be spending the new years sick in bed (which isn't so bad cuz I'll get some rest and sleep), I hope you all have a great time and get a break from stress~! See you in next, hopefully more manageable, year~!
Alternative tittle: LIFE HAS MANY DOORS EDBOY! Rolf 

Something for school. I figure since I'm busy with school work related art I could post more of those. My paintings can be found on my instagram fly_sky_high_art

I'm also terribly sick at the moment and trying to fight the common cold and fever off, so I have time to post this at least :V It's one of the stuff for printing. The theme of it are the doors and/or passage ways in the dream that you are familiar with but lead to somewhere completely different. I will also be shooting a minute long video based on this dream experience :3c The artwork here also depicts the dream drop everyone feels when jumping sharply from deep dream state to the awake one.
Chromatic Hellhound
For same class, even less hit the mark with this one but eh... so yay, more selfish uploads~

I am determine to stick to the subject at least.... how much of it will be my drawings I don't know.... *sigh*


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Take a look at my gallery and you will find more than you expect. :)

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A Certain Magical Index Stamp by Athena-Tivnan



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