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Donna Beneviento - Resident Evil Village

Requested By: gep5 
Many thanks to alphaz & Fluffyquack for the tools and gep5 for the great job on fixing the meshes and rigging
Created using Game model + Blender + 3ds max + Photoshop
Model extracted and modified by me 
I don't own the model the model belong to ©capcom
File contains: - Donna Beneviento in fbx format fully rigged
                      - Model in xps thanks to: gep5 
                      - Tga textures
                      - Blend file including 2 Collections to enable/disable the fixed head 
                      - Hair style
                      - 2 head options (clean head with no growth + head with growth included)
                      - Raw fbx files (Original unedited meshes)
- 2k textures
Download link:…
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2270x2114px 2.47 MB
© 2021 Flvck0
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can anyone do her for Daz Studio ?

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Nice, can you do her in pmx file?

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She is beautiful!

And feel a great deal of Empathy for her.

Teria só a foto dela? Sem ser por Gif.

Só a imagem mesmo

Miranda took a grieving girl and turned her into a monster!

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who would have thought she was such a beauty under that veil, thanks for the model!

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since i try to work on a cosplay of her i would need to see her with the textures... somehow i can't get it to work... but i never worked with blender before... how can i sho the texture layers?

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Hi , you need to download blender and install xps addon so you can import the xps model it's gonna load with textures here is a video that shows how to install the add on and import xps models (the addon link is in the video description) gl!

Good! Pls, also naked

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Only if someone commissioned me to do it

pleeeeeeeease pro!😍😘

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If someone had a problem with model that you saw the bones names, but you can't see her.

Solution: Don't open with .XPS, Open with Generic_Item.mesh.ascii

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When I try to open the model in XNAlara it says there is no mesh. How do I open it in XNAlara? EDIT: Nvm, just had to update the program and now it works. Beautiful model!!

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Don't open with .XPS, Open with Generic_Item.mesh.ascii

will you do the lycans models as well?

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Maybe if someone commissioned me to do it

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Will u do Karl model for xps?

He's already available for XPS, mate.

Karl Heisenberg XPS
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I can't download here...
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If you have this problem, you should have sent me a note first. Why don't you let me know first?

I just re-downloaded the file myself, but there was no problem. Didn't you turn on the security setting of the Internet Explorer? Sometimes pc's own security settings prevent downloading files. In that case, turn off the security settings in internet explorer and download the file again. If not, try downloading the file from the Chrome browser.

I just uploaded this file to my mega cloud again. If you check the model again in my gallery, you will find the mega cloud link. If it doesn't work, download the file through this link.

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And even not for blender?
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Only if someone commissioned him

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Damn I never looked at much on this game, but this looks like a Dark Souls 3 character. So many ideas I could put to use with these characters.. Still haven't found anyone good enough to make them for DAZ though. Almost makes me wonder what people are going to use these versions for.

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