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Skittles Vodka


Vodka labels made in Illustrator, printed and stuck to the bottles with good old fashioned tape.

AND I made the vodka (which is absolutely art) by... dissolving skittles in vodka.

You know. Science.

*** EDIT ***

I now added a PDF of my revised labels for download! There are two versions: A bright colorful one (similar to the one pictured but better) and a "Color Saver" version that will save your printer ink if you're running low, but still looks awesome.

I made these for fun, and ask that you only download and use these labels for personal use. NO SELLING of the Vodka with my labels, please!
© 2010 - 2021 fluxity
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I'm under 21, but I wish they sold those.
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Where can I get some?  owO
Awsome..been making skittles vodka for years for my home bar.these will look great on the bottles.
Do you have a link to download each label seperate (I'm using small sticky labels and they come out a little small when all printed together)
What about a blue one..these are now in the skittles packs!! Not sure what the flavour is called
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Hey there, sorry for the late reply - I don't log into this account much anymore! To answer your questions, I don't have them separately at the moment. I was printing them on paper and sticking them on with packing tape. And since I did this so long ago, there were no blue skittles at the time! Maybe I will refresh the design sometime soon.
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i can imagine hetalia russia drinking this
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Fuck, I will love you forever. I'm making skittles vodka for my friend's birthday and I looked everywhere to find these labels. My own version is not as cool and neat as yours. And I'm lazy. And skittles vodka is just pure awesomeness but I use paper towels instead of coffee filters - it strains alot better and faster.
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Ha! Thanks!

I've used both paper towels and coffee filters - I thought the paper towels worked great, but they also soaked up a lot more of the vodka than the coffee filters. And I can't waste precious candy vodka!!! The other day I spoke with someone who was like "oh you STRAIN yours?"

Can you believe it? They were drinking it, floaty white gunk and all. Blargh.
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I can't. Damn, I can't even think about drinking all that gunk
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I'm so trying that! lol
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finaly made my own batch of it and i gotta say i will defiantly be making more =D thanks for the great idea ^.^
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Awesome! I'm glad you liked it!
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Created a FB page to get all my mates making their own bottles and have linked your awesome labels. Hope you dont mind?

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Thank you !!!
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Do you just leave Skittles in vodka over night? My friend wants some for her birthday and I'm not convinced it'll turn out well :') if you could let me know the best methods, I'd really appreciate it :)
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It takes about three days for the Skittles to dissolve completely, but essentially, yes, you just dissolve Skittles in Vodka. I filled each bottle a little more than 1/3 full of skittles, but you could do more. More candy = more flavor. Then fill the bottle with vodka, over the skittles, and wait. Or you could shake the bottles obsessively like I did, and maybe cut your wait to two days.
When they've fully dissolved, there will be a layer of white gunk floating on top (this is the stuff in the candies that makes them chewy, so it's totally edible, but it makes the vodka gritty, and that's not great!) so you should strain it out. It is a long process - I always strain twice. Once with a funnel lined with paper towels, and again with a funnel lined with a coffee filter. You will be squeezing some of the vodka out of the paper towels with your hands, so wear gloves if you don't want your hands to turn orange. (true story.)
All in all, give yourself a week to make the vodka, so there is ample dissolving and straining time. If you do it like that, and toss it into the freezer, it will turn out VERY well.
Warning time: This vodka is dangerously delicious. It turns the cheapest, grossest vodka into liquid candy goodness that goes down super smooth when you shoot it straight. It is incredibly easy to pound seven shots of it in a very short amount of time - and if you do, you will almost definitely end up puking the rainbow. ;)
That said, this is really good and always the hit of the party. Enjoy! (And I have labels for the bottles all ready for you to download - if you use them, send me a pic! I'd love to see them in action.)
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-gasp- *grabbyhands* GIMMEEEE
i wondered eh. Does it really do tsate like the skittles you put in them? or is it just the color?
I'm now very curious how it tastes like
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Tastes just like Skittles! It's pretty dangerous, actually, as it ONLY tastes like Skittle and hardly at all like Vodka - goes down smooth like liquid candy when you drink it, and before you know it you've had too much! I try to mix it with 7up these days so that I don't drink it up so quickly.
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ah okay~.
that's kinda cool though you indeed have to look out yu donb't drink to much eh.
~ ;)
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OMFG!!! *small freak out* u just became my hero for drinks! =D *SQUEE~!*
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