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For practice. Nomad traveling with her companion through dry terrain.
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Gorgeous! Your style is deft and lovely detailed. Great use of subtle palette here.

Please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in helping out the volunteer project known as the Ninth Age (T9A for short: www.the-ninth-age.com/ )? It is the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, run by 300+ volunteer contributors all tinkering in their spare time, and it aims to go even further than Warhammer did along the paths of historically based fantasy smörgåsbord setting: i.imgur.com/dlmQkB6.jpg

For one thing, T9A is the perfect way for what used to be Warhammer fantasy fanart to instead become official artwork for an emerging setting, and thus gain much more widespread exposure.

Moreover, T9A is always welcoming artists who want to join their art team, and your skill and distinctive designs would be great to have on board, should you ever be interested in joining and help develop this setting by putting your own distinctive mark upon its art pool. If you would by any chance be interested in donating old artworks of yours, then here is a quick guide for T9A gallery upload of art contributions: i.imgur.com/ORLCncV.jpg

I can get you in E-mail contact with the head of their art team, if ever you're interested.

At any rate, splendid artworks! Evocative to boot, and subtly shaded-highlighted like a dream. Have a nice day. :)
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Could i use yor art in the first video of my youtube channel? I'll put your name and the link to your profile on the description of the video.
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One of your best works! Thank you for sharing this with us!
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lovely!  so nice paintwork, very painterly.
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Beautiful work +favlove 
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Beautifully done.
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That is so gorgeous!!! The clothes are amazingly stunningly realistic.
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astonished... :heart:
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so fucking kick ass!
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Beautiful piece, you are a master.
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I love this. The animal and the nomad are really good almost looks almost real.
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Really beautil piece, the nomad skin shows awesome, as the shade-mist around then
Fine stuff!
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I love the fantasy Middle Eastern sort of feel from the animal and your character's clothing.
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In love with your colour palet, they're very much in harmony and always give that dark mystery that suits your work.
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Sooooooooo amazing!!!!
I love you artwork so much!!
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this one's my favorite! I love it!!!
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love your choice of colors!
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Atmospheric perspective like WOAH. I'm stunned by the use of color and composition. Looks like she's making her way through a dust storm-- though her poor eyes must be burning! You get across barren very well using mostly cool colors. I saw the comment above about looking like she's in a marsh, and I think the green overtones contribute to that. For hot desert, I might warm it up a little.

Ahhhh I love this so much
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Love it! Makes me think of the Jim Butcher novel Furies of Calderon. :)
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Amazing work! I love the color palette on this one. Hope to see more. ^^
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When it comes to Nomad travelers, there is surely a long story to be told.
Just by looking at this I want to know more, anyway.
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