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Leader concept for Civ 5 Gods and Kings expansion. You might have seen this floating around. It's about 2 years old
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This makes me so happy~ I love that there's art of this game on here <33 Though it does look more like Eric to me, this is a wonderful design for him.
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Your skill in art is very great! Well done indeed.
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A stunning piece of Art! i like how you colored his shiny amour
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I love the color technique, as if the portrait was from the renaissance age.:) (Smile) 
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Great work with the armor :)
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Wonderful! I like his armor.
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I do belive u havent got a clue what u where drawing? cus that sure as hell aint Gustavus Adolphus...
heres how the monarch really looked [link] dont get how u got that to that...?
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Also may I mention your links are paintings, so they may also have been inaccurate for all we know.
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(I know this is old, but...)
Um. So the game isn't completely realistic, and mind you, it's a concept for a GAME. Almost the whole thing is alternate history, and fanciful reimaginings.

And honestly, this Gustavus and the real painting of him... are definitely the same person, at least I would've easily recognised them as each other.
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It's flavour, nothing more. Go learn to better apply spelling and grammar, develop critical thinking skills, then come back and restate to us your most valued expert opinion.
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now listen here you idiot! doesn't matter how good he draws or how bad i draw, or my grammar. im gonna explain it to u really simple because u dont seem that bright... GUSTAVUS DIDN'T LOOK THAT WAY AND IF UR GONNA DRAW A HISTORICAL FIGURE FOR FUN OR FOR MONEY(ESPECIALLY FOR MONEY) U BETTER GET THE DAMN FACE RIGHT. and NO its not "flavour" its like drawing Hitler Asian, u what guys to draw Lionheart or Churchill wrong? i dont think so..

if u look att the Swedish king [link] Erik u might se why this annoyes me.
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Yeah, I'm with Bel-Irkalli -- you have some bloody nerve complaining about ANYONE's accuracy or "getting it right" when you're the next thing to illiterate.

"if u look att" indeed. This artist has more talent in his nut sack than you'll ever have in your whole body.
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Oh also he got paid money for his, according to you, shit art. What bout you?
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My image of Gustavus comes from book series by novelist Eric Flint... for some reason I thought he was blond though. Thank for making him look so good or they might not have put him Gods and Kings.
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Well yeah, this is more Erik XIV than Gustavus Adolphus, since his beard is long and not a short pointy one, though the moustache is spot on. Nonetheless, this is an outstanding piece that helped create a unique Civ5 leader. Great job!
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it is Gustav II Adolf ? then what's happened with his beard?
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It is Gustav II Adolf ?then what's happened with his beard?
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It is extraordinary! Great work! Gustavus is certainly one of my favourite warrior-kings of all time. I hope you depict some other great captains of their time!
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