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Leader concept for Civ 5 Gods and Kings expansion. You might have seen this floating around. It's about 2 years old
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very nice work
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"U wot m8? Ai'll fook you up!"
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Wonderful picture! Hail Boudicca, one of our earliest freedom fighters.
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Yeah, this is so good; I think she's such a good role model. Although she'd get pretty cold living here in that outfit, wouldn't she?
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Aye, she's one of our earliest freedom fighters, she rebelled to defend the Iceni's way of life and independence from Roman oppression, makes me wonder what might have happened had our rebel ancestors won, would there possibly have been an Ancient British nation?

Aye, I suppose it might've been pretty cold in that outfit, lol, but I suppose being an Ancient British badass she's kind of immune to the cold, like the Vikings, or the Nords in Skyrim, which are basically the Elder Scrolls equivalent of ourselves, if you like.
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She has probably got to be my all time favourite Leader in Civ V, she's just awesome! 
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Poor Boudicca. I pity her immensely. The Roman governor of Briton and his top military enforcers were utter scum, so much that, after the rebellion was suppressed, both were recalled to Rome in disgrace and replaced by moderates, though sadly there's no record of either of them being gruesomely killed during the Year of the Four Emperors or its aftermath. With that said, the damage was done. What sickens me the most is how so many people swallow Suetonius's bullshit and think that the Romans "saved" Briton from a primitive lifestyle, yet we get evidence that a number of the more powerful tribes, such as the Iceni, were quite sophisticated, even possessing their own currency. Then again, the whole "bring civilization" argument is nothing but garbage in any case.
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Aye, they try to tell us our ancestors were nothing more than barbarians living in caves, even though the Ancient Britons were actually capable of building forts, and, as you mention, even had their own currency.
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from scotland, YEAH!
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Nice blades! I like the patterns on the leathers too.
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I always forgive her for trying to steal my technology. Because I can't be mad at her. And it's fun to make her embarrassed too. ;)
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Wow, this is incredible!
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Boudicca was one tough lady and you can really see that in her stance and expression here. Great job! :)
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She must've been a terrifying sight to the Romans, one Roman author spoke of her imposing appearance, she was at least 6 feet tall and with a mass of red hair, complete with steely eyes as well.
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A female fighter without explosive boobs... Hurray! (Sometimes you need less fantasy...).
Love the details in the hair.
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She looks very tough, great work!
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I was almost named after her :S

Dad said no haha
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I love this, it is also relatively accurate historically. Reminds me of why I chose her to write my final on for college.
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This one looks very celtic and I love the dusky colors and all the details like the knots and works on her armor.
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I take her home ta ma
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A woman with real legs, I bow to you, long may you paint
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Very nice work !
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