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Something Borrowed. Something Blue.

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Phantasma…you know its not polite to borrow someone else’s clothes without asking. Especially antique outfits. ^^;

Hope you’re all having a lovely night! I’m still enjoying the Ghoul School Girls. ^_^ I haven’t been able to settle on a look for Sibella and Elsa yet though, so for now I’m sticking with my three Ghouls.

Love you all,

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(I'm referring to Tanis BTW)

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The idea behind this piece of art is interesting to say in the least. The addition of the dust or speckle effect on Phantasma's skin really add this nice look to make it seem more animated for a specter body. For the other character shown here it is a fun idea to have her a little more aged up for the reasoning of making Tanis seem more relatable to the other characters. I feel as though these designs are both simplistic enough that others could perform this type of art however it is unique and beautiful allowing fans to appreciated what is before us.
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"Something borrowed. Something Blue".  I see what you did there ;P

But seriously, well done.
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wait so does that mean Tanis is naked?
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Seems likely... 
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I loose IQ points looking at that expression on her face and don't even care.
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I love her posture! The clasped hands is just perfect and the smiley face! Brilliant!
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Hurray, more ghoul girls shenanigans! Lol. Very funny drawing, FtK. Phantasma's face is priceless.
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Lol, I laughed IRL from this, nice work =)
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What a lovely silly face :3
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