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Runaway B'loon

Almost there Pinkie Pie! Don’t let that little b’loon get too far away  now ^_^ Its not safe for them to go out alone. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely day ^_^ I’m a bit swamped editing videos, animating, and illustrating all this weekend, but I hope you’re all able to relax a bit more than me today <3

All my love, 


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Square balloons! BECAUSE!
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Ponka ! stahp pinking balloons from minecraft !
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Block + Balloon = B'loon!
Apple-shaped balloons!
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Typical Pinkie. Cubic balloons that you better not asking how she made them.

Lovely work
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Square balloons... of course she could.
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FtK you are the sweetest thing ever.  I enjoy your cute descriptions as much as your artwork.
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Aw, Thanks so much Jonathan ^_^ I'm so happy to hear that, it means a lot to me <3 
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Suddenly I started to like squares...
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Square balloons can only be achieved by Pinkie and yet it makes sense.
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very cute work :3
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I absolutely adore the style! 
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