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Flutterbat Swoon Animation

Yaaaaaaaaay! ^_^

…. sorry. I’m just super excited to finally be able to post up this finished gif <3 It was such a delight to see it finalized, even if it was quite a bit of work 

Cleanup is always the hardest part for me as an animator. I can do the rough animation relatively quickly…because it is a bit forgiving. Clean up is harder because mistakes are so easy to spot. But I think I did alright making sure my arcs didn’t pop or things like that…. 

I-in any case…I’m just really happy to be able to share my Flutterbat animation with y’all ^_^ and I hope you all like it too <3

Let me know if you do! I’ll be happy to do more animations if you folks enjoy seeing them ^_^ 

That’s all from me for now though <3 I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend 

Love you all, 


Also, I believe this is my 100th post here, not including Journal entries ^_^ so yay for that too ^///^

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While I can't claim to be an expert on the complexities of animation, I can say that this is seems very well done. The animation is smooth, and the art is unique, as well as simply being well done(not to mention the fact that it's completely adorable). The only thing that seems particularly out of place is the background. While the simplicity of it is fine, and effective for keeping the focus on the important part, the coloring of the square that is behind Flutterbat is somewhat distracting, and I feel like it washes her colors out just a tad. I assume it was done to match your signature, but an all black background might have been a bit better. It's a very, very small gripe though as overall this is a lovely piece.
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This is by far one of the more impressionable puppet animations I've seen to date. Normally, I'm not into flash or the way they render lines, especially that "flash" look.

But with that said, this one of the first animations I've seen that looks so full of life out of a puppet. And the thing is I see traditional animation techniques in the piece.

The food animations, they stretch in a way that most traditional- cartoon animators use in their animations. Very smooth. All the way to the vibrations to the bowl, it makes it very believable and more real. In a sense.

And anyone notice the way her hair puffs up during the animation cycle? All in all this is a phenomenal piece of work. From start to finish you can tell there was alot of time invested into cleaning the rough animation that was presented before.

This has inspired me to become an animator myself when ever I invest the time to learn the techniques and know-hows.

Thank you.
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If I could, I would watch this FOREVER! it is my favorite of all time! You did an amazing job on this and I just can't get enough of it! The loop is so seamless that my kids have asked, "when does it end? does she ever get full?" lol

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xDD aww, she's got a very high metabolism ^__^
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Batshy is best kind.
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This is plain ADORABLE . :D
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It's so cute how it keep cycling like that
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Eat that bowl! ;-)
She is absolutely *adorable*!!
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good god this is adorable. the little upset expression is so cute! 
love this! she looks so cute and chibi.
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I will be honest with you, your animations have very simple designs. But also very proper timing.
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Course we enjoy seeing them, least I do =)
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She's so happy! I would feed her all the fruits.
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into the favorites
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What programs do you to animate with, if you don't mind me asking?
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I don't mind your asking at all 8Aerondight8 ^_^ I animated this little cartoon in Adobe Flash CC using a combination of traditional animation and puppet animation ^_^
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Thanks for the info!
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I love see a happy Flutterbat. Heart Heart Heart 
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this is the cutest thing I've ever seen on DA +3 sooooo cuuuuuuuute
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