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Dash Coaster Request

The last tumblr request I was able to get done this time around <3 Poor Dash just isn't happy unless she's grumpy xD Try and enjoy yourself Rainbow ^_^ 

Thats all from me tonight <3 time to get some rest ^_^ 

Love you all, 

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She's got some serious thrill issues.
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So much fun... :|
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I never really thought about it because I don't think they have rollercoasters in Equestria, but Dash really wouldn't enjoy them. And I know why. Being strapped down in one of those things isn't NEARLY as fun as flying! Haha..She'd feel trapped in a rollercoaster compared to when she's in the air doing flips and flying fast
She can't enjoy herself. She's Batmare. Batmare can never enjoy herself, no matter how successful she becomes at fighting crime and having a life. It's one of the Batmare unwritten rules. I thought you knew better, FtK. You drew a whole series with her, after all. :P
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Rainbow Dash is Batmare? That can't be :P 
I know. It's completely imposibrru. :P
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"Oh come on, I could fly faster than this!"
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Rainbow Dash (what you see) plz -Do you people realize I do stunts that a roller coaster wishes it could do?
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"You call that adrenaline?!

I call that 'borenaline'.

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This is really weird because I just drew the main six on a roller coaster. XD
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haha! That's a good one
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