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Bellwether Action Sketch

Still having fun with these fun swoopy Zootopia shapes in between commissions ^__^

Poor Bellwether. Always being run ragged.

As for me, I’m off to snuggle in bed ^_^ I hope you are all in for a nice cozy night’s sleep as well ^^ don’t stay up too late <3

All my love,

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Seriously, someone needs to teach Mayor Lion Heart how to use a spreadsheet! 
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So incredible and creative.
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It's just so cool how pointy you draw - it looks absolutely great!
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Aw, Hooray! ^__^ Thank you ZNN!
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So cool! I love how the you show the movement :D
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Wish I was sleeping cozy. My furnace gave out more than a week ago and we have to wait until Monday to get a new one

On a related note, you're making me want to see Zootopia, stop it =p
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I love every drawing of Dawn Bellwether.
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Heheheheh, very nice work on Dawn Bellwether!

Also, my good friend StarryOak has drawn a picture of Assistant Mayor Bellwether. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR ZOOTOPIA, THOUGH! So don't click here if you don't want to be spoiled about anything!
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If you have trouble sleeping, you can always count the Bellwethers ;D
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Hnnngh, she has sad glasses!  Love this!  <3 
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Just saw this after work. Could absolutely watch it again.
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Finally going to watch the movie this Sunday!
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How coincidental, since I saw this movie earlier. Also, I really dig how draw the Zootopians. So cute! ^^
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