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Spring 2021 Collection for EQD

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Taken for the EQD Collection Event.

Not everything shown here. Some walls have other artwork and posters, and parts are being redesigned/redone as well.

This is also the first time I've taken a collection event photo from this angle! Usually I take the photo from the other side, towards the Fluttershy (art) corner. This time, I wanted to show the Fluttershy plushie shelf and custom Fluttershy print under that (it was a very old print I had that I repurposed under the new plushie shelves).

I also have a lot of G1 ponies that can't be seen, a bunch of foil and regular pony trading cards, a Flutterbat wall scroll, and other custom figures that aren't shown, or are still on their way (like a custom G1 Gusty figure, a custom Twilight figure, a custom lifesize 53" Fluttershy, and a custom lifesize 45" G1 patterned Gusty).

Oops! Also, I forgot to turn on the magenta lighting on Flutterbat's lair. See what that looks like here:…

Last year's Collection Event Photo (from the other side), with other stuff in better view:…

On the bed:
Both Fluttershy (45 inches long) and Twilight (56 inches long) lifesizes on the right side were made by QTpony. 
The 40 inch Fluttershy on the left side is by Agatrix (my first lifesize).
Out of view, a Fluttershy pillow.

Tall Brown Shelf:
The Flutterbat on the shelf is by MyLittleWaifu
The mini Flutterbat beside her is by LanaCraft
The Flutterbat at the top (with red socks) is by P0w3rPorco
Custom 2019 year Fluttershy figure by Vita_96
4DE plushies: Fluttershy, Twilight (all 3 wing & wingless forms), AJ, Pinkie, Rainbow.
Knockoff plushies: Daring Do, Flutterbat.
Other plushies: Mocha Sunrise EFNW OC.
Light up Rainbow Dash LED.
3D print Fluttershy
Other Guardian of Harmony figures.

Black Shelves:
Custom plushies up there made by LanaCraft, LilMoon, RubioWolf, Little Broy Peep, Dawning Love.
Factory plushies: Aurora Shy. 

Night Stand:
Custom large Fluttershy with birds figure by Vita_96
Custom Fluttershy and Twilight by Shine Lawn.

Black Box Shelves:
Custom Gala Dress Fluttershy 
G1 Little Flitter
Other various Fluttershy figures, including WeLoveFine Flutterbat and chibi Flutterbat.

Side note: There is not a single Discord figure, poster, or anything in this mostly Fluttershy collection (and it will stay that way).
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