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New 56 inch Twilight Plushie! (Made by QTpony)

A collage of some photos of my newest plush, a lifesize Twilight Sparkle by QTpony! :iconqtpony:
I figured it would be easier to upload a collage rather than keep uploading so many individual photos of her.

She is also now the biggest (and heaviest!) lifesize I own too, at 56 inches long and at least 18 lbs, if not more. Twi is my second favorite pony, so it only makes sense I would eventually get one of her too.

Also, Fluttershy now gets her own removable pink tail bow and choker as well! (also made by QTpony)

She features: 

- extra weights in all legs AND her torso.
- 3D eyelashes
- Two sets of matching removable tail bows, socks, and chokers (one black/dark set, and one pink set)
- New thicc-er pattern of his (on her flank)
- Trimmed bangs, mane, and tail, to give that extra Twilight-look.
- 3D ears
- Tail dock (separately stuffed)
- Large wings
- Detailed heart patterned hooves
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Excellent taste in plush my friend. qtpony always does top notch work, i know firsthand

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Thank you! Indeed, he does. After getting Fluttershy from him, always have wanted another from QT.