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Trick or Treat!
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EQG Flutter Icon #33 : Trick or Treat!

EQG Flutter Icon #21 : ...umm...I-I know, I'm too cute to be scary!
[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile  Happy Halloween Smile  
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Comments (43)
Shocker-The-Thunder's avatar
Shocker-The-Thunder|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pasquale: come here for a treat Fluttershy.
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KevinTan137's avatar
KevinTan137|Hobbyist Artist
Awwww, you're so adorable Fluttershy! *gives Fluttershy a candy*
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thebestshehulkfan's avatar
Are those real or fake fangs?
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TeenTitans01's avatar
TeenTitans01|Hobbyist General Artist
Fluttershy: They are Flutterbat pronto. Flutterbat icon 
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BBBHuey|Hobbyist General Artist
Now THAT'S adorable :D
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rio-grande's avatar
Quite good.
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monhamdmuaed33's avatar
monhamdmuaed33|Hobbyist Filmographer
Nicely done! ^^
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ASteveNamedWolf's avatar
happy Halloween
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M1NDL0CKST4LKER's avatar
Retro-Kal: Hey, Fluttershy.
Fluttershy: Hey, Kal.
Retro-Kal: So... who or what are you suppose to be?
Fluttershy: Well, I'm a fruit vampire. Don't you see my fangs? (pretending) I have come to eat your apples. So juicy and sweet... Blah blah blah. (giggles) See?
Retro-Kal: (Chuckles) I do see.
Fluttershy: So, who or what are you suppose to be?
Retro-Kal: Well, as you can see, I'm Feral Rex, Retro-Kal's Titan, and Guardian.
Fluttershy: Oh, okay. Wait, did you have your own Titan?
Retro-Kal: Yeah, I did.
Fluttershy: Okay. Um, Kal?
Retro-Kal: Hm?
Fluttershy: Can we just, you know, walk around just for a little while?
Retro-Kal: Sure. *Holds Fluttershy's hand*
Fluttershy: *Holds Retro-Kal's hand*
*The two walked around the block, into the woods, and then stopped on the bridge.*
Retro-Kal: Hey, where are we?
Fluttershy: This is where I usually go to clear my mind. You know, lay low whenever I want to chill.
Retro-Kal: Well, it looks like you've picked the right spot. 
Fluttershy: Yeah. *looks at Retro-Kal while he's looking at the view, smiles, sighs*
Retro-Kal: What is it, Flutters? Something bothering you?
Fluttershy: Hm? Oh, it-it's nothing. I just want you to have a good time, even if it's for a moment. Hey, Kal, I just want to say that, well, even if you don't know it yet, we're all very thankful for you. That day, when you crashed to Earth, I knew that someone would rise to whatever threat we were facing, and I knew that someone would be you, Kal. When all hope is lost, we can depend on you and Megatron to save us all. You're one hell of an Autobot, Kal. Don't forget it.
Retro-Kal: Wow. I never knew that you and other citizens have faith in me. Thank you.
Fluttershy: Mhm. And you know what, Kal? Someone kept telling me that I'm in love with you.
Retro-Kal: Really? Well, to be honest, I think they're right.
Fluttershy: Hm? What do you mean?
Retro-Kal: I mean, think about it. Us taking walks, giving each other hugs and kisses, all of this is coming from you, and I don't blame you for doing all those things. I may be the God of War, but I fight for freedom, and justice, not for torture and tyranny. The reason why I came here is because of my father. 
Fluttershy: Oh. Don't worry, Kal. You'll see your father again. And, to be honest, I am in love with you.
Retro-Kal: I know. To be honest, I'm love with you, too.
Fluttershy: Really? You really mean it?
Retro-Kal: Well, yeah. The question is: Do you love me?
Fluttershy: Kal, I do love you, and furthermore, I think you're the bravest, sweetest, greatest hero I've ever met in my entire life. I love you so much, Retro-Kal. *hugs tightly* Don't ever forget this statement.
Retro-Kal: I won't. *hugs Fluttershy*
*The two kisses on the bridge*
The End
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TeenTitans01's avatar
TeenTitans01|Hobbyist General Artist
Fluttershy: Fluttershy (derping) PLZ  Interesting story. I have to find my pillow now.
Beast Boy: Dude, I like it!
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M1NDL0CKST4LKER's avatar
Retro-Kal: Thank you.  
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TeenTitans01's avatar
TeenTitans01|Hobbyist General Artist
Beast Boy: No probs, dude! Kinda babysitting a pony right now and I think I'm getting use to it.
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lightning116's avatar
Pony Fluttershy Smirk Emoticon. I vant to suck your blood.
Fluttershy Um.....if that's okay with you, of course.
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SciTwiShimmer's avatar
I read this in her voice 
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TheHero300's avatar
TheHero300|Student Filmographer
I like your costume.
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Rizarus's avatar
this is so cute
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Diod0RUS's avatar
Diod0RUS|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She so CuteSquishy Fluttershy icon 
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Nintendians's avatar
Nintendians|Hobbyist General Artist
nice.. nicer, if she have bat ears and wings like flutterbat.
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APPULSJaCk's avatar
(inhales).........TAKE EVERYTHING!!!!!!Candy Cornn F2U | Pink Candy Cane Icon Pastel Purple Candy Bullet Halloween Candy Corn Candy Corn Pixel: Cookie Pixel: Chocolate Donut Blue Candy Popsicle Bullet - Cotton candy   2 F2U | Macaroon Pixel: Candycane :candycorn: Animation md Candy Cane Heart  chachi big 
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LiamOB8's avatar
LiamOB8|Professional Digital Artist
Very cute costume, Fluttershy, I love it. Here's a Kit-kat bar:
Kit-Kat-4-Finger-Milk-Choc-540 by LiamOB8  
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bookwormsteve's avatar
you look really cute gives candy
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Martialarts2003's avatar
Martialarts2003|Student Artisan Crafter
Woo, Fluttershy really cute for nightmare night. 😍
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