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Luna vs The Red Baron(GIF)

Today's a full moon.
Princess, that's a toy plane.
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this needs a 2 part still image 

while the animation gets the point across (and is very funny, not to mention the peanuts reference tops it off)
it is a little choppy (i mean absolutely no offence by this and apologize for any, i am aware of how hard it is to draw let alone animate) making it hard to read what luna (snona? lunpy?) is saying 

and yes i know she is saying red baron!!!!!!!! also she needs a possum in place of woodstock... 

just have links between the still and the animated pics in the description 

did i mention once i got the reference i LOL'ed? funny it is 
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I'm glad you found it funny.

No offense taken, critiques are always appreciated. Thank you for the help.

It is a good idea, however I don't normally go back and redo or change my artworks. Unless it's from a long time ago.
I will keep it in mind. Thank you again.
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I guess Snoopy isn't the only one chasing after The Red Baron. =P
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The Red Baron better be careful. :meow:
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Yeah, I think he's finally met his match. :)
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:icondiscordtrollplz: (using remote-control thing to fly the plane)
:iconcelestianoplz:+:icontwilightrageplz: "DISCORD!"
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:iconlunachallengeplz: "Must catch that plane!!"
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xD Not what I was expecting. 
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Luna can do the most unexpected things.
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And you don't question it in the slightest. :3
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Nope. Just like Pinkie Pie's physics. ^^
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