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Starscream Impression

By flutterjet
Courtesy of Skywarp. Obviously.
What else do you need to know?

I'm down with a cold, so all you get is this quickie. (That isn't just seeker fanservice, not at all. Can't you trust this face?)
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EmeraldKeefe's avatar
This is a good picture! Well done!

Frozarburst's avatar
Yep. Pretty true
rubinjuwel's avatar
Well, at least it's accurate.
starstream2515's avatar
If looks could kill, Skywarp's down.
MaxxineMagmaChief's avatar
Blah blah blah kill Megatron, blah blah blah new leader, blah blah blah Megatron has fallen, blah blah blah I'm better than everyone else, blah blah blah Megatron spare me!
can't think of any more, sorry had to use the leader one hhh
DewottMaster's avatar
blah blah, Betrayal, blah blah.
Scarlet-Thorrn's avatar
...."Now the party don't start 'till I walk in" heh heh heh, Starscream looks like he is about to murder Sky' XD
RawrSaysMeXD's avatar
and thats one of my favorite songs
RawrSaysMeXD's avatar
you were thinking of the song tik tok from Kesha
MiniAjax's avatar
Haha XD Poor screamer XD But it is sooooo Starscream like what Sky is doing XD Man and those hips XD Maybe the left hand is a littl bit ponsey XD
Mystery-Vixen's avatar
skywarp: blah blah blah kill Megatron blah blah blah Skyfire blah blah blah :iconskywarpplz:
flutterjet's avatar
Mystery-Vixen's avatar
I love Skywarp, he's so funny :D
RPGLuver's avatar
I see a null-ray in about 1.....2.....3......


Thundercracker: *not amused*

this may have been a quickie but its done nicely.
BlakTideMaximum's avatar
Holy crap!Skywarp does Screamer so well(that sounded so wroung) people might think he's Screamer in disguies!
Dreadrange's avatar
DAMN! O__O look at those HIPS. Go you!
spasmdragon's avatar
ahaahah spot on perfect impression watch your back skywarp
Autoconseeker's avatar
Oh my gawd, ss's going,"killkillkill" on skywarp... Run Skywarp, run!!
Skywarp: :sprint: XD
Ha. Skywarp's gonna get whacked over the head... or hit by a null ray...
MahryMutou45's avatar
:rofl: SW has a point... just minus the screeching! :XD:

Oh, I'm not supposed to call him screechy if I like him?... Who made up that rule? It's a dumb rule.
HalibutWaffles's avatar
This is so spot-on I love it. Everything is perfect :laughing:
kumagorokun690's avatar
:rofl: omg XDDDDDDDDDDDD too funny :lol: *dies*
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