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Hi Everypony!

So I've spent the last couple of weeks pretty much just chilling, trying to get caught back up on sleep, and unfortunately haven't been doing a lot of vectoring... That should hopefully change soon, but in the meantime, here's the Ponyscape logo for all your Ponyscape needs and desires :)

The Ponyscape logo is released under the GPL version 2 license as it uses the original Inkscape logo, however Caramel Curve is my OC so if you do use the logo in something I would appreciate if you let me know so I can check it out :) You can find the svg here: [link]

If you do use this (or any of my other artwork), please let me know so I can check out what you make with it!
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Haha! It's so cute! :D I love the effects you used on the mountain! ^^
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I just used it as an example for a commission of mine to show the point of the commission.
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Hello! I'm making an pony GUI for Windows. Can i implement Ponyscape as an deafult SVG Edition program?

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What is the point of Ponyscape? I downloaded it, and it looks just like Inkscape, but with a different icon.
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Ponyscape has some additional features which I added to Inkscape which allow for easier vectoring of ponies and other pieces of art.  You can check out the full list of additional features in each of the different download versions on the #Ponyscape-Vectors group page.  Some of these features are slated to make their way into Inkscape itself in the future, although I've started creating a new vector suite completely different from Inkscape which will eventually become the next version of Ponyscape.
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I used this icon to create this 

By the way, I've just started using Ponyscape and I'm finding it really awesome :)
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Awesome!!  Glad you're liking Ponyscape!!
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That's a cute pony ya got there.
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i need help with ponyscape! i use windows so i got the newest one for windows and now i am stuck i dont know what to do!
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What exactly is Ponyscape? I keep on hearing it and I'm curious on what it is.
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this is cute. done in a very lovely way.
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Just to be clear, this was made on Inkscape, right? that's nice to see.
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This was made using a pre-released version of Ponyscape, which is my custom-built Inkscape derivative. You can check it out, download it, and see all of the new features in the #Ponyscape-Vectors group :) It's not too much different from Inkscape but there's some very useful things added in for editing (like an objects dialog, etc.)
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