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A Note for Derpy

Here's a vector of Derpy with a note from Dash (from Hurricane Fluttershy)! There were so many Derpy sightings in this episode, and I thought this was one of the cutest. I hope you like it and as always, feel free to critique. My svg can be found here: [link]

Edit (March 27, 2012): Made a lot of fixes from recommendations on reddit: Derpy's body stroke is now one path and I used ellipses and clipping for the eyes instead of trying (and failing) to get them to look right using paths. Also fixed some fill issues and did some stroke touch-ups. Here's the new svg: [link]
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She's sad because she can't read it! Poor Derpy... :(
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Dear Derpy Hooves,

We apologize for the circumstances upon which you are receiving this notice. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we are no longer able to uphold our contract and have no choice but to terminate your employment. Please have your trailer cleaned out by the end of the week. Again, we are sincerely sorry for this turn of events. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

- Alfred J. Verrecchia
CEO, Hasbro Inc.
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Dear Ms. Ditzy "Derpy" Hooves,

We are sorry we criticized and made fun of you because of your eyes and clumsiness. We have decided to keep the original scene with you from "The Last Roundup". We again apologize for the trouble.

The Haters

(well, someone had to...:))
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:iconderpyhoovesplz: - I can't read. 6_9
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it says "we love you derpy!!!"
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Reading Derpy is so cute! :love:
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I still have no idea what "Vector" means...
Confusion is confusing...
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I love Derpy! And I thought it was funny the way her eyes derped the opposite way as soon as she finished reading
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Oh, that's great! It looks like she finally got my fan mail. Love ya Derpy!
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ah! I saw this coming. i wonder what she thinks she's reading there.
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