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The fourth Cutie Mark Crusader.

This is my first vector of the cartoon character, Babs Seed:)


Babs Seed/Flutterflyraptor

Friendship is magic/Lauren Faust/Hasbro/2010.
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It's cute, fashionable, adorable, dandy, original and 1337 at the same time. This is really a good deviation for making your OC the fourth member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

I am a brony and i really think that you're OC should really be in a contest sponsored by The Hub which is only if you're a deviant. Whoever wins the contest, the OC will be in the show and then it would be history to the internet and also television.

For the record, i am really satisified with the whole cute stuff. I am brony just because of the cuteness and stuff. Oh and normally it looked like Kia from Freddy vs. Jason. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> But overall, it looked cute.
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5 stars = 50 stars. That makes it fair. Any star below lower than 50 is unfair.
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Original 5 stars? Jackass.
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Babs is the character from the latest episode
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Babs Seed is a character from the latest episode, "One Bad Apple", she's not an OC.
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babs seed isn't an oc. she actually appeared in the episode one bad apple which aired today
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Rofl, OC.. Not quite! ^^;
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“These basic skids be hella crampin’ on my style!”
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Sucks that she won't be in season 4. Oh well, best for fan fics or future season if there is any.
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Awesome. I like it.
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It's my pleasure, sugarcube.
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I hope you don't mind but I used this one for an album cover: [link]
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You know the say "You can look but you can't touch."
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Mess with Babs, you won't know what hit you!
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i'm just sitting here looking at how much fan art there is of a character that's existed for all of a week.
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Babs Seed is now second best CMC (in my my opinion) Time for the order of CMC from my best to my least best:

1. Scootaloo

2. Babs Seed

3. Sweetie Belle

4. Apple Bloom
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Babs Seed is awesome; absolutely loved this character!
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Did she said that she has an older sister?
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