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A Pink day.

A Pink day.

A parody of episode three, of season three.

Rarity: TWILIGHT! You better come out here!

Twilight Sparkle then opens, and closes the door to her house.

Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, can't you be a little more….!

Applejack: Whoa nelly!

Rarity: Why are there so many Pinkie Pie's?

Fluttershy: Maybe she's just going really fast!

Fluttershy: Whoa, she's making me really dizzy:(

Applejack: So, which one do you all think is a changeling?

Rarity: The one on the left.

Pinkie Pie: No I'm not, she's the one on the right:)

Twilight Sparkle: GRRR! PINKIE!


Pinkie Pie/acer rubrum/tollywoga/makintosh91/spaceponies/sazlo/hombre0/randomtmcr/red pear/shelmo69/midnight blitz/vexorb/thenaro

Derpy Hooves/nebulonb100

Bonbon/b neko

Rainbow Dash/90sigma



Fluttershy/gig mendecil

Lyra Heartstrings/bronysinc

Yellow feather/maxmontezuma

Cloudchaser/tremolo pony



Friendship is magic/Lauren Faust/Hasbro/2010.
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WOW, what a wonderful PAAAAANNNNNNNNK Picture! I just say that how you put all the vectors together to make a picture scene, it's really clever.

First I will start by saying how arranged Pinkie Pie in all different places to arrange the scene behind the vectors which is Twilight's Library House and that is a great scene start with and using other ponies in the picture to bring it all in!

Putting different stories in it like Pinkie blowing a trumpet causing Flitter and Cloudchaser to wonder and Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight to wonder what's going on is a great way to affect the scene behind it all.

I can't really make out what Pinkie is saying at the top but everything is fine and ha, ha hilariously funny and I look forward to seeing your future piece of arts!
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no problem. your art was outstanding
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In the note you asked me what I thought of this picture. And I answer by saying this; I think that this picture is pretty in Pinkie Pie! I normally hate the color pink but for our favorite party pony I'm more than happy to make an exception. She totally changes the out-look on life for even the most gloom and doom type of people. And the looks on the faces of the rest of the Mane 6 are utterly priceless. As they say, you can't have too much of a good thing and that applies to Pinkie Pie too.
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What program did you use to make this one of a kind wallpaper?
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I've used, Photoshop CS6:)
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Thank you for telling me.
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Hm. I don't see Spike anywhere.
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Wow, look at all the Pinkies. :o
Jax1776's avatar
The Pinkies have taken over Equestria! XD
BB-K's avatar
Attack of the Pinkie Clones!
Jax1776's avatar
Quick, to my underground fallout shelter!
ringsandamiss007's avatar
Do they NOT notice the giant Pinkie leaning on the Treebary?!?
bunnybear00's avatar
omg i honestly can't wait until this episode
pinkie pie is my uber favorite pony
Stone2Gold's avatar
Season 3's third upcoming episode... Celestia damn it!
x-Darkie-x's avatar
Lol. Man I hate to see spoiler but I hope this episode didn't show giant Pinkie Pie. If does, then I will get my biggest reaction.
I'd definitely freak out.
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I just show the episode, and I really loved it:)

Honestly, I thought that I'd be annoyed with it, but to my surprise, I really enjoyed watching it:)

I'm so glad, that the giant Pinkie Pie wasn't in this episode:)
x-Darkie-x's avatar
Me too. Ikr. I was like, pls dont, Pinkie Pie. Only I see is bunch of them and did yous ee Pinkie Pie turn to very old mlp show face? I was like wtf?! XD
Flutterflyraptor's avatar
Yeah, I saw that, G3 Pinkie Pie all out:)
x-Darkie-x's avatar
What is your reaction when you see that face?
Flutterflyraptor's avatar
You don't want to know:)

That whole episode to me, was like going on a roller coaster ride, you go up expecting the worst, and once you go down hill, you start screaming tears of joy:)
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