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[DL][SFM][GMOD] Littlepip's Statue

Requested by: :iconstefano96:
Littlepip model: :iconwhiteskypony:

It's a marble statue of Littlepip, hopefully correctly scaled.
The model will be updated with baked ambient occulision.
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I'm a Wanderer
Wait where am i
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Darn. Gonna fix this today... Thanks for telling me :)
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Just realized I had never updated any of my models.
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Still haven't. www
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We shall never forget, and someone get me the name of the guy who wrote that plaque because I'm gonna teach them a lesson on English, with my hooves!
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"The Braver Pony of All Equestria"

Who the fuck made that plaque? The guy who wrote the ending to Ghosts n Goblins:rofl:
Someone who lived many, many years after civilization and most forms of written word were destroyed and/or forgotten.  :P
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With a plague like that, she deserves to be set next to the "John Freeman - Saver of Humens" statue.
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Looks amazing :D
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Nice. However I'd think a statue would have more of a pose to it than just standing. Something that people can look at and admire, some pose that shows power and inspiration to it.
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Thank you for the suggestion :)
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its so awesomeApplause Applause ApplauseApplause  Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause 
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