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All Persona, All Weekend by Flutterby727 All Persona, All Weekend :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 13 17 No one cares about the 3D by Flutterby727 No one cares about the 3D :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 6 9
Compilationcrap by Flutterby727 Compilationcrap :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 11 5 lips.goggles.scarf.blood. by Flutterby727 lips.goggles.scarf.blood. :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 12 5 The New Assassin by Flutterby727 The New Assassin :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 27 9 Shadow of the Colossus by Flutterby727 Shadow of the Colossus :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 35 9
Element-chapter 5
Chapter 5—untitled
My name is Skye and I have nothing to say about this dream sequence because I haven’t gone to sleep yet. Sorry to disappoint you who were looking forward to what I would say next, but it’s a relief to me; I hate those dreams.
And now I find myself in Ryan’s house, much against my will of course.
“When I saw you back then…9 years ago I think? You had shorter hair…and I think it was brown.”
“You have a very good memory…” The man with the long red hair lay upside down on the sofa chair, staring at the ceiling. Looking at him now, I saw that he had one brown eye and one green eye.
“You don’t forget something like that, trust me. My parents thought I was insane though.”
“Ah, yes, they were great caretakers…”
It seemed to me like he was avoiding talking about my parents. Ryan, on the other hand, had gone silent altogether. At this moment, he was brushing his teeth in the
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Adachi by Flutterby727 Adachi :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 2 0 Tartarus by Flutterby727 Tartarus :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 13 16 Rye. he runs. by Flutterby727 Rye. he runs. :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 1 0 Elizabeth. she walks. by Flutterby727 Elizabeth. she walks. :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 4 9
Mature content
Element-chapter 4 :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 1 6
Destruction by Flutterby727 Destruction :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 31 10 3D telephone by Flutterby727 3D telephone :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 2 2 3D Radio by Flutterby727 3D Radio :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 2 0 3D Lantern by Flutterby727 3D Lantern :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 1 1 3D microscope by Flutterby727 3D microscope :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 1 1 Rembrandt by Flutterby727 Rembrandt :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 14 10 Attempting Dusk by Flutterby727 Attempting Dusk :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 12 5
Element-chapter 3
Chapter 3- Fatal Turn
After that day, I never saw you anymore.
But I was always kind of hoping that you’d show up again somewhere.
Well, maybe not like this. This is too freaky for my comfort.
What kind of game are you playing at, treeboy?
Or…if you’re a good guy…then who are the others?

I hate my dreams; they’re a constant reminder of how much I fail at life.
So, a big surprise happened. Well, actually, not really. Just like Ryan predicted, the crack in the parking garage concrete was put down as an act of nature and was now in reconstruction. The ground shifted. Huh, go figure. It didn’t really look like that when Skye saw it but…ok she’ll buy it. It was better then her other theory.
That guy, able to do that? Not likely.
In Skye’s mind, she thought, ‘Woo, way to go Ryan, you guessed right! Only now it’s a big PAIN cause we gotta find other places to park!!’ Seriously, the parking wasn’t its best
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Friday the Feb 13th by Flutterby727 Friday the Feb 13th :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 17 4 the landscape of....somewhere by Flutterby727 the landscape of....somewhere :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 13 5 UNINTERESTING FRUIT by Flutterby727 UNINTERESTING FRUIT :iconflutterby727:Flutterby727 15 10
Element-chap 2
Chapter 2- Not so normal
“What do you mean no one else saw him? He was right there!”
“You know her, haha, imaginary friends, that’s all.”
‘But mom…dad, why won’t you believe me?’  

Sigh. Another dream along those same lines as all the other ones. I really need to get a proper sleeping schedule and then maybe these things wouldn’t happen.
Ryan must have been a godsend, according to Skye. For the following nights, as he walked her home, nothing happened. But what amazed her even more was that, afterwards while gazing out the window, there were no strange occurrences, no shadows, and no shadowed figures in the tree branches. It was amazing. Sure, Ryan complained, since he saw no evidence of the stalkers for him, but Skye just had to keep urging him every night. Actually, she just had to kick his leg and he’d eventually get up.
Before she knew it, a week had passed and nothing strange had happened. For once,
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