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Chapter 4- and after death

I had a dream once where I died.

And even then, he was there.

He looked sad…like it was his fault.

Now I think…this isn’t a dream. This is happening NOW.

But…that boy….



I open my eyes. Maybe I was dead. I didn’t feel much different, but who knew what death felt like. Ryan was still in my arms; he wasn’t moving but he was still there.

What I saw was that guy—whatever-the-fuck-his-name-was-I-could-care-less—on the ground with another person standing over him. Scattered remains of bricks lay all around me. I suddenly check my body, slap myself. I was there. I was alive.

This was real.

I look up to see a young man with his back to me with...was that a sword in his hand? Or more like a chainsaw? Whatever it was, it was looked possible of a massacre. And this man held it very close to—Norse, that was it—face. The man had red hair, that’s all that I really took note of because it was bright compared to everything else, which looked like the world was trying to be swallowed up in a grungy black hole. I couldn’t see the look on his face cause Norse was on the ground. However, I guess he wasn’t scared.

Suddenly, Norse sprung up from the ground, standing and running with a speed I had never seen before. Suddenly, I heard the other man curse out loud, followed with, “Help me!!”

Help him? How the—

Too late, he was gone, running at the same speed and catching up. I couldn’t keep track of them, they moved too fast, but suddenly Norse was balancing on the side of a wall as if in slow motion, and the other guy who had saved me ended up in the tree right above me. A drop of his blood landed on my hand which startled me. Norse, apparently, was just dandy.

After giving me a wicked smirk, Norse simply leaned forward flipping perfectly on the ground crouched over. As soon as he hit it, bricks from the wall flew over him and right at me. Too slow to react, I hugged Ryan closer to me, until nothing came.

Hearing the thud, I looked up to see the second man in front of me deflecting the bricks with his…chainsaw? A roar of some kind of engine was sounding, sending the bricks to pieces and scattering around me again. Blood dripped from his arm and he leaned over breathing heavily.

This was a losing battle.

“Damnit, when are you going to stop playing around!?”

Was he talking to me? Apparently, because he was looking right at me. “I could really use your help!! Get up!!”

Before I could muster up any words to reply, he was suddenly right in front of me, leaning down. But it wasn’t me he wanted, which made me cling to Ryan all the more.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” I scream as he was gripping Ryan’s arm, trying to pull his limp body up to stand, but my hands protested, hanging on tight. “LET HIM GO! Can’t you see he’s DYING!?”

He looked at me like I was the one insane here. “You think this bastard could ever die!? He’s too stubborn—“ He trailed off as he assessed Ryan’s condition, and then suddenly smacked him on the head. “HEY! GET THE HELL UP, I KNOW THE REAPER HURTS LIKE A BITCH BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU GET TO SLEEP ON THE JOB!!”


“……………… idiot.”

Was that?
Oh god. This isn’t happening.

Slowly, Ryan rolled his head up, popping his neck and straightening his legs. Nothing seemed to be wrong with him anymore, but right now, he sounded very annoyed. “If you could die, I would KILL YOU.”

“This is an emergency, you asshole!”

I look down amongst them bickering while fighting off Norse around me. This isn’t happening. No. I’m at home sleeping. Yeah. I’m just having a weird dream. Yeah, that’s right. No wait, even better; I actually died because the bricks crushed me and Norse is dancing on my grave right now. Anything….ANYTHING BUT THIS!

Peeking up, there was no mistake. Ryan was fighting with a fluid speed and style like the other guy, minus the chainsaw/sword…thing. It was with his fists, but he was perfectly capable of dodging Norse’s attacks while getting in some damage of his own.

Norse was knocked back for once, breathing heavily, blood oozing from his nose. The battle had turned. Skye looked up just once to see Ryan’s back to her. She couldn’t believe it…if he was that strong then—what the hell was he?

She heard the familiar words as Ryan cracked his knuckles. “Throw-Down.” She could even picture that smirk on his face as Norse sneered at them, glaring at Ryan. “You…you—“

“Yeah. I’m alive. What’d you expect?”

Norse spit out blood on the ground, but he was laughing as he did so. “You were that pathetic boy, you—“

“Yeah yeah, whatever. Look, being alive this long, you tend to learn how to act out a life, very very well.”

What did he mean by that?

“Nevermind!!” The red haired man yelled suddenly, raising his sword…chainsaw…thing(?) “Let’s finish him off!!”

“You can’t kill me!!” Norse was back on his feet now, ready for another fight. “No one can!!” Was that a hint of panic in his voice?

Ryan tilted his head. “No one except—“
“NO DON’T!” The second man stepped out in front again before--CRACK

A roar of an engine and there were scattered remains of rock everywhere. In turn, the man was knocked back into Ryan from hitting this thing with his chainsaw. It didn’t take Skye long to realize that what was thrown at them was a whole slab of the sidewalk; a huge chunk was missing from the ground where he was standing just moments ago, but now he was nowhere to be found.

“Bastard!” Ryan yelled.
“Coward!!” yelled the red haired man.

Skye didn’t say anything.

She was already gone.


It amazes me how fast Ryan really was. Just as my trembling hands were trying to desperately grab hold of the right house key to let myself in, he grabbed my arm pulling me towards him. I don’t even think he took the stairs to the third floor, I think he climbed a tree or something…


“NO!” I yanked my arm away from where he had grabbed it, and surprisingly, he let go. “I don’t want anything to do with this! Not HIM! Not…WHATEVER HIS NAME IS! And not—“ it hurt me to think it, so I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud. The only thing I could say seemed to hurt him worst then anything. “You were the only thing in my life that was normal.”

Sadly, I saw the defeat in his eyes, but that didn’t stop me. “No, forget it! Leave me out of this!”

“Skye…” He didn’t look up to me as I was fumbling with my keys; he just sat casually on the side railing three stories above the clear drop off behind him. “You have everything to do with this.”

“You said I was a freak.”

“And, honestly, we both are. We—“ He indicated to the other man who had remained on the ground. “we all are. Didn’t you wonder about the names he was calling you? How he knew so much about you?”

This did cause me to stop and think…for a second. Then I was back to messing with my keys.

“The birthmark on your arm…”

no, that’s my mailbox key...

“The shadowy figures that stalked you…”

no no, that’s my old house key. I really should take it off of my keychain. And my trembling fingers aren’t helping either—

“Didn’t you stop and think for one second why they stopped showing up when I began walking you home?”

I don’t want to listen. I want to sleep and wake up from this nightmare.
And then finally, I found the right key…only to be stopped from unlocking the door.

“Ryan…” I was gritting my teeth. “Let go of my arm.”

But his grip stayed strong, not to my surprise. I could hear the fierce edge in his voice even though his eyes avoided mine.

“Skye…I would like nothing more then for you to go back into your apartment, go back to sleep and pretend like none of this is happening. But it’s not that simple. In fact it’s much worst…”

He wouldn’t look at me while I stared at him, but he finally spoke up again. “He’s not done yet.”

No where near.
I need to draw out these characters sometime, I'm liking the story quite a bit :3

and I'm well on my way writing chapter 5~

This one is short but I wanted to get it out already. And that little shocker I put in there for one of the main characters? I hope no one saw that coming, cause even I didn't see it coming. It was literally last second thinking, but as I pieced it together in my head, everything worked out alright, and it gives me a lot to work with~

story, chars(c)Shelley N. 09
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GalivanPrime Featured By Owner May 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh, creepily interesting. I'll have to read'em whole sometime.... kinda skimmed thru them.....sorry not much of a reader. :( But they sure get u hooked! Rock on!! :D
Jeremi-Eldridge Featured By Owner May 5, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I still can't get my text to post without a thumbnail image. >.<
Ordaka Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2009
Definately did not see it coming ... but definately want to read more ... good stuff :lol:
Flutterby727 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
coool =D thank you :hug:
NSSArtist Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009
I'm not sure what's going on completely right now, since this is the first piece of something that you've written that i've read, but i like it. it's very impressive. i look forward to more.
NSSArtist Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009
i agree, this very good
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