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Adachi by Flutterby727 Adachi by Flutterby727
Honestly, I just thought this guy was with the group of P4 cosplayers just hangin out. I noticed that the Persona people kept mistreating him, so I asked him who he was.

damn XD I didn't think I'd EVER see anyone cosplay Adachi.

This was when he was just acting retarded, but then I asked him to pose like that again. Seeing that he was right underneath that display of TVs it was a perfect opportunity. Throw in a P4 logo and ta da!!!

Picture from the Persona meet up. To see more from this meet up, go here! --> [link]

and if you were part of that meet up, shout at me!! I love all you guys and you all rock! If you're going to Afest, let me know! I'm working on being Rise! =)
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