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time changes us



oh ifrit.. the last time i drew you, you were just a lil puppy doing big things <3

Dog's Registered Name: (without titles) Lord of the Inferno von Flussblau

Reference Link: Ifrit

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Sex: Male

Height in Inches: 26"

AKC Group: Working

Class: Puppy

Advertisement?: Here

Entry: Here

Story (word count: 313): 

Ifrit is a dog who knew success at a young age, and Luni couldn’t do anything but smile as she saw how confident he looked the day of the show. The young Samoan-American girl is finally getting the hang of showing dogs, and her own confidence is starting to show through in the ring. Ifrit’s head turns a few times as Luni introduces him with the rest of the dobermans, the male standing on the smaller end of the standard compared to the others. Despite the rugged training he’s used to, today his coat shines like the brightest of night stars.

Luni carefully stacks the eager pup, trying to keep him steady and calm as she patiently waits for his turn before the judge. She crouches down to be closer to him, holding his leash up and gently petting his sleek black fur to keep him still. It’s like an off switch has been flipped -- the usually charged up, fiery Ifrit is now a calm and steady, stable boy, making it obvious that he knows now how things go in the show ring. He’s not a baby puppy anymore.

Ifrit’s first time being shown by Lex was nerve-wracking, and getting used to being shown by Luni has been difficult -- but he’s managed to bond to her well. And now, the two sit beneath the glaring ceiling lights, feet on the red carpets as they watch the judge with eyes of anticipation.

Luni holds the powerful male still as the judge assesses his form and shape, all the way down to his teeth and paws, but Ifrit hardly needs any holding back anyways. He’s well trained for this and well conditioned, so he calmly stands still even as the judge looks into his maw. Luni then guides him into a trot when the judge has finished, showing off the doberman’s elegant and lean form.

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AHH HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!! Love the perspective!