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We are a multipurpose, multi-breed kennel focused on working dogs. We strive to produce dogs with excellent health scores, unmatched temperaments and superb working ability.

Flussblau Kennels is owned and operated out of the scenic island of Honshu in Japan with a branch of the kennel running in the United States. Here, dogs are produced and trained with the intent to become quality working dogs. Some FBK progeny have become police dogs, protection dogs, military K9s, search and rescue dogs, wildlife conservation dogs, therapy dogs and service dogs.

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Tenshi Sou is a kennel based out of the island of Kyushu, Japan. We strive to preserve the longevity of the 6 Nihon Ken (and Ryukyu Inu) as well as various hunting/sporting breeds. While we don't stick to the same breeds all the time, we do make sure that all dogs that come in and out of our kennel are quality dogs with amazing health and the ability to do as they were intended.

Tenshi produces dogs mainly used for working purposes, the most common being hunting. Sometimes dogs participate in conformation, sports and/or other types of jobs suited to their breed.

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Hello! I'm Shion, a 21 year old neurodivergent artist and canine enthusiast. I hope you enjoy my gallery and feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or inquiries via discord! (shionganai)

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