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Ghostbear Sibko

By flurrys-art
Originally a /tg/ drawthread request for a Clan Ghostbear 'Waifu', I decided to take it further than usual.

Some background:
My first exposure to Battletech was Mechwarrior2, back in '96.  Looking back I was fascinated with the sleek and minimal stylings in the game (probably due to technical constraints at the time).
However it lent this interesting atmosphere - coupled with amazing audio, the hallmark of so many games in that era - of bright slick future warfare, conversely balanced with elements of menace, dystopia and the archaic.

Later games in the Mechwarrior series were too grungy/grimey which lost this unique feeling, and then I stumbled on the wider Battletech franchise and realised Mechwarrior2 was the exception and not the norm.  From my understanding the average Battletech battlefield is supposed to be something stylistically similar to the future warfields in Terminator, rather than a weird mix of what I can only describe as Starship Troopers and Oblivion(?).

Despite this, to me personally the unique visual style of Mechwarrior2 still informs my imagination when thinking about Battletech in general.  So for instance above we're in a very minimalist style room, possibly carved out of ice (a la Star Wars Hoth base), with a modern lighting solution.  This is countered with the 'antique' fire burners (with holographic fire) and the Ghostbear rug.  Finally a lot of the colour scheme was painted via swatches I made directly from screenshots of the game.
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Too sentimental for clans...
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I get what you're saying and generally its true, but Clan Ghost Bear were different.  They tended to form closer Sibkos than other clans and retained a sense of family with their fellow trothkin.  Thanks for the fav'
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We play Mechwarrior and think which mech I shall master, how many heatsinks can I push into, which AC/20 is better etc., but has anybody thought that the person sitting in the cockpit has a life, with a wife, children and family home and all ? Its really good to see that at least someone has thought in that line and put an awesome artwork to extend the idea of a table-top saga to a "larger-than-game" realism.

Keep up the good work  and extend the BattleTech-Mechwarrior lore! Hug  
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I really appreciate that, thanks!
It's something you get a glimpse of in the video games, and obviously there's a bit more fleshed out in the Battletech tabletop (something admittedly I haven't done oodles of fluff research into).
One thing I'd like to emphasize again though is the stylisation choices in Mechwarrior 2.  For instance the fourth Clan Wolf mission (, take a look at the whole map/city.  It looks something more like Cyberpunk than grungy Space Opera, it's good to genre mash these things intelligently.
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This is a good work . 
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Thank you for the comment & fav! Glad you like it.
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