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/tg/ draw thread request.  This poor Eldar Corsair girl, covered in battle scars, but not quite fallen to Slannesh (or has she? ;P)
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I love the detail you have put into this Corsair. Especially the spirit stones, very nice color pop! The expressions on her face of course looks war ready, prepared to slay anybody or anything.   That expression shows of the past experiences she had lived through. Overall, the picture is beautiful. To me that is, lovely work!
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Love the character, texture and style, resulting in quite a powerful image!
Eldar possess the technology that is capable of not only removing any scars, but also regrow limbs and any other non-lethal damage, except psychic one =D
Still, some wear scars, as a statement.
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Thanks for the comment and that awesome bit of fluff I didn't know about!
So detailed is WH40k that I always encounter new background info I didn't know about.

But I suppose it might be possible, as a Corsair, she doesn't have access to that particular bit of scar removal technology on her ship? Or yea, she wears the scars with pride...
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Corsairs do have all the tech, and not only Craftworld tech, but also the Dark Kin tech, as they are traders just as well as pirates.
The only Eldar who may not deal with scars and injuries easily are Exodites.
For others having scars is a decision, a statement.