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Dangerous Games -spoiler-

By Flurrin
From chapter 8 of Strays. :ohnoes:

Warning: Large file. Download for full size and less crappy .jpg compression.
I started this a couple months ago. I see a lot that's wrong with the actual pencil lines now, of course, but I hope the coloring makes up for it. Ah, well. Shame.

Go check out Strays by :iconalgy: and :iconcelesse:
It's one of the the coolest webcomics out there!
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TheAlmostRose's avatar
This is so great. <3 That was such a cool part in the story!
Flurrin's avatar
Yeah, really tense...
ticktockTokumei's avatar
Aside from a few minor little mistakes, this is FANTASTIC. I mean, I don't say this often, but your style really has captivated me! It's rich. Your line quality is so splendid. Very nice job.
Flurrin's avatar
Thank you very much!
feogirl67's avatar
i love in that scene how it's obvious that Feral ACTUALLY cares about her.
Flurrin's avatar
Yeah, Feral's really sweet at the core, I think he's just used to tough love. Like when he wouldn't feed her until he taught her how to fish.
Mtyugi's avatar
This is spectacular!!! :D WOW!!! I love it!! :dance: :boogie: :jawdrop:
Flurrin's avatar
Thanks for the fave!
algy's avatar
Whoa, nice job capturing the emotion in Feral's expression! I must fav this immediately. Thank you! :D
Flurrin's avatar
I'm so glad you like it!!
If there's anything I should fix, let me know. I really love the comic and I wish I could do it justice. ^^;
LizardLizard's avatar
ahhh yes I think I knew you liked Strays too! Yeahhhh such a great comic. Great job!
Flurrin's avatar
Ain't it grand?
Thanks C:
Tekkusu's avatar
Ohh! I love this comic. I've been a reader for about two years now, I think. :'3

This is a great piece of a fan art! Gets me right in the feels.
Flurrin's avatar
I still remember the very page I started on xD Oddly, I don't remember how I found it, though...must have been through another webcomic's links page.

=D Thank you very much for the fave!
Flurrin's avatar
She looks terrible! Both because of the poison and my sub-par drawing skills :XD:
HollyRoseBriar's avatar
Mostly the poison.
Rebel-Rider's avatar
I really like Strays.
Flurrin's avatar
It's very well written and the art is awesome--and consistent. It bugs me when webcomics begin with a style that's VASTLY different. Not to say that the art hasn't evolved and in a good way :)
Rebel-Rider's avatar
I don't really mind style changes since they're normally for the better but there are a few cases I've found where I dislike the changes. I like reading webcomics since it's fun watching the artist improve.
Flurrin's avatar
That's what I mean. But I like when the art is consistent if I discover a webcomic late into its production. I find myself thinking too hard about the improvements and it detracts from the story as I go along.
Rebel-Rider's avatar
Hehe. I manage not to think too hard with webcomics. When it comes to movies, or TV shows, I have more trouble.
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