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Spring dump

this is old art from my last account of spring cos i wanted to post them without flooding peoples inbox :B

isnt he a darling? He's one of my fave characters

Oh and just a little factette, Springs real name is Auratum
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geekyfantastic's avatar
OHMYGOSH this is soooo Beautiful!
Aritimas's avatar
Auratum? Seems ironically close to Autumn, hehe xD
ArienSmith's avatar
This is an extremely original take on a theme like this! I love your style and the way you captured the characters~
ushi-cow's avatar
oooohmygoodness these are stunning
you have SUCH a gorgeous way with colors
Dellirriumm's avatar
im in love with this character!
AntaresDrake's avatar
He's so cute! Can I take him home?
Emurelle's avatar
Spring is jus extremel cute. I like him a lot =w=
FlyingCarpets's avatar
I'm so in love with your characters ;u; But Spring especially... and Winter XD Total win <3
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Gorgeous Work!!! All Of Them Are Awesome!!!
Ju-z's avatar
The colours are so pretty XDD!!!
cyberill's avatar
Bawww, he's so lovely ;o;!!!
gothica-maru's avatar
HE'S SO CUTE!!! BAAAAH! I love him >W<
mcaputo123187's avatar
what a colorful bunch XD. absolutely fantastic ^^*
PrincessOfDonutland's avatar
Oh my, he really is adorable. Especially in the last pictures. I just want to him. But he certainly takes changing outfits to a whole new level doesn't he ?
secretlover7's avatar
is there a reason you don't draw spring's face often?
PuppyAkamaru's avatar
dude, i frikkin' love how you color.
Gray-Matter-Eater's avatar
what was ur old account??
indarknessangelscome's avatar
she was snapesnogger and owl gwm twooo different account, yet she's still great!
Gray-Matter-Eater's avatar
haha i knew it!~.. so hard to keep up!~
PaperIz's avatar
wow! i love his designs! you rock!
yedi0212's avatar
is it a girl or a guy? not trying to be offending cuz i really luv spring
JohannesVIII's avatar
So creative and colorful! Definitely brought a smile to my face :)
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