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I felt like painting a rainbow dash :D

I love all the mane six, but out of all of them I can relate the least to rainbow. I've never been sporty or competitive XD
But she sure is fun to paint!
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Wow, really fantastically done! I'm especially fond of the shading and contour lighting, you managed to do it so well, I'm actually a bit jealous :D.
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LOVE the shading!!!
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That is so amazing <3
Lol @ "mane" six. :)
(No pun intended!) :3

Rainbow is also the one I can least relate to. Haha.
But, her colors and style is so much fun!
And you captured her so well here! :D

And all of the pictures you create have so much character! Hnng! D8
Love it. D;
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I can relate to her ego! :D
Awesome Dash :)
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I don't watch MLP but I do really really love this artwork. :O Wonderful style.
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Great expression, and the lighting is downright mesmerizingly excellent. The mane and tail are beautiful, the way individual color strands harmoniously mix with each other.

Amazing picture. You can tell this girl is trouble.
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Wow. Love the expression.
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This is sick good work
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I love how you draw your eyes. Eye candy.
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This is awesome, I really like how you did her expression ;)
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Rainbow dash rules! Awesome work, :D
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that rainbow dash is totally awesome!
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Oh wow, I really like this. :heart:
Very nice job on the blending and the blue sheen on her.

Really, just great work! :clap:
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OMG ITS A DEATH PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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realy wow! i like it, nice colors
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Omg amazing, j'adore the art style :D
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Ugh, I'm literally seeing them everywhere. =_="
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